A HOT NEW SERIES Begins! And to Hell with Censorship!

StepCoverFinalMiniI’ve started a new series with (let’s get this up front) two grown men who become stepbrothers after parental remarriages.  And who fall in, well, lust and then…well, read it :). There’s nothing illegal or incestual or against whatever unwritten standards Amazon is maintaining right now, but that can change any day now.  FSM knows there’s plenty of hetero stepstuff out there now, so maybe it won’t be banned.

It’s funny – I made up ridiculous romance book titles for “Apollo’s Curse” like “Her Billionaire Shifter,” and lookie loo, here comes “Billionaire Stepbrother.”  You can’t make this shit up.

As I so often do, I looked at those step-titles and thought, I Need Money.  Especially after 1/1 when my health care out-of-pocket resets!  And I said, well, I’ll just knock one out.  Like I was gonna knock out a quickie rock star erotica.

Which of course turned into a fucking novel and killed that easy money idea 🙂  And I started writing this story.  And well, damn, I ran into all kinds of feeling stuff, what with being an only child who could have used an older brother, especially given my actual father’s inadequacy in the father figure department…  Suddenly both my stepbros were only children too, who wanted to make up for everything they lost emotionally, all that they’d missed out on.  Fuck!  Fucking feelings!  All of a sudden this series is, well, hot sexin’ but also hot feelin’, if there’s such a thing.

I may have a post in me at some point about everything that’s happened lately with North Korea/Sony and Charlie Hebdo in France.  But I haven’t figured it out yet, what’s changed in me since then.  But something has.  There’s a sudden level of “not giving a shit” about some things, a certain level of fear and worry and self-repression that I’m ready to let go of because fuck it, fuck all of them, all these censorious judgmental bastards, all of them everywhere…

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