The countdown begins! Rocky and Dex in the home stretch!

Sexy CowboyYeah, it’s true.  I’m dealin’ with the feelin’s!  In January!  And it’s fine!  Thanks to the big fluffy cushion of reader support I’ve received over the latest smutpocalypse, I’ve got about 17.5k words left on “Have A Little Faith In Me,” the saga of Rocky and Dex.  Just finished Dex’s backstory and our main characters are back in the “present day.”  Awesome Aubrey Watt is working on the cover this week, so we are close, my pretties, so close…

It’s funny.  I’ve felt more productive this last few weeks than I have in ages.  I’m not only crankin’ on Rocky and Dex, but I’ve already come up with a high-level outline of “Would I Lie to You?” which will be the first in (I hope, if it sells!) a series of longer shorts – i.e. Sam-and-Derek length, 12-14k.  Suffice it to say for now that, for once, the billionaire is a (blasphemy!  abomination!) BOTTOM.  You guys know me 🙂 I can’t do anything by the book!


KyleNick3FireworksOh.  And I’m working, somewhat against my will, on Kyle and Nick #3.  I know.  Career suicide!  I’ve gone back and forth on this one, and right now the decision is NOT to submit it to Amazon.  I’m told by some writers – if you can believe this – that my mistake was submitting #2 as erotica and not romance.  Yeah.  There is all kinds of filthy stepfucking on Amazon right now, but it’s all classed under “contemporary romance” or “short stories” or…well, anything but what it actually is – erotica.  Honesty is Not The Best Policy.  It’s too nerve-wrackingly EXHAUSTING to go through this again with #3, so…I won’t.  It’ll sell a few copies on Smashwords and Nook and I’ll probably end up giving 10x more copies away than I sell, but that’s okay.

I wish I could quit them!  But it’s not to be, however sound a business decision it would be to just STOP writing their stories…  The dudes want some kind of closure to their sweet sweet summer…  And the whole censorship thing just MADE ME write a story about the 4th of July.  Remember that?  The day we celebrate our freedom?  Yeah, that day.

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