17.5k left on Rocky and Dex! Because I can’t count!

Yeah, I said I had 17.5k left yesterday 🙂  And I did get good wordage this a.m., I think I just forgot to label one of the remaining outlined scenes with its “2500 words” target.  So as Bullwinkle J. Moose says, “this time for sure!”

CuraModelCharmer01I’m feeling pretty good about my upcoming series of shorts, too, starting with “Would I Lie to You?”  Episode one has a superblocked outline, so it’s ready for the Easy-Bake Oven as soon as I’m done with Rocky and Dex.

This guy you see here has a name now.  He’s our top, so…meet Jesse Dillinger.  White Hat hacker, now that he’s out of prison.  Well, he’s White Hat most of the time.  Unless you make him really angry.  He’s good at “penetration testing,” too, winknudge!  Can he help gay billionaire Marc Julian fend off the attacks by his evil right-wing corporate adversaries?  Probably 🙂  Can Marc trust him?  We’ll see!  It’s a three story series if you don’t totally love it and make me rich, but at least four if you do!

Poor Adam Vance.  I’ve neglected him sorely.  Not only the research for #2, but the promotion for #1.  One morning I’ll wake up with no lust in my heart, just a pure sharp cerebral light in my brain.  It happens 🙂 Then Adam will get his day again…

But, this is where my head is at right now.  I’m as fertile as an Octomom with story ideas, and I’m having my best sales month EVER – and that’s surpassing last month which was my last best month ever… I’d be crazy not to make hay while the sun shines.  Who knows when the rules will change yet again?  One day we’ll wake up and Kindle Unlimited borrowbux will only be applicable to titles >150 pages.  Surprise!  So, make hay, make hay…

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