10k words left on Rocky and Dex! And another Kyle and Nick is Finito!

Sexy CowboyOMG OMG OMG.  Fingertips are flyin’.  The one thing I dreaded was that I wouldn’t have a realistic and satisfying ending.  Problem solved.  Trust me on this 🙂  Be warned – I’m a gonna sock you POW RIGHT IN THE FEELS!

Oh, yeah, and I finished Kyle and Nick #3.  As part of my clinical insanity around all this, I finally did write to the ‘zon and ask for clarity on why #2 was banned… Which was NOT a good idea last week, when #1 was going blazes, because it could have triggered a ban on that one, too.  Now #1’s dropping down the charts.  It’s had its day.  It’s astonishing to me, that I moved 1000 copies of a 4400 word story.  That on borrows alone I’ve made more money on that story than I’ve made on at least one full length novel.  So, if it’s at all possible to duplicate that success with #2, well, shit, I might as well ask now.

Yesterday someone posted links on Facebook to some serious-ass twincest smut.  I mean, like biologicals doin’ it so hard.  And selling like crazy, for over a year.  There is just no rhyme or reason with Amazon.

All that said!  My new motto comes from Elijah on “Girls.”  When Marnie starts bawling because some mean little kiddies disrupted her concert, Elijah grabs her and says:

“Marnie, this business is not for sissy bitches.”

It’s not!  You gotta be tough, resilient, adaptable, flexible.  Crying in your beer ain’t gonna get you shit around here, son.

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