7.5k left on Rocky and Dex! And…BookBub GRAND SLAM!

WBLCoverBookBub accepted “The Worst Best Luck”!  Coming free for two days on February 19!  Yes, that is a GRAND SLAM for me – all four of my novels have now been BookBub offerings.  

As for remaining word count?  I know – shrinkage!  But I’ve just written two scenes that I thought would take 5k words that together took 2500.  I could blah blah blah them out, but I think they have the power of economy now.  The big hard feelin’s bits are done!  WHOO!!!!  I SURVIVED!  All that remains now is a LONG HAWT passionate sexin’, and a HEA coda.  EASY PEASY!

The cover will be coming soon, and the book is weeks away now…



Steps2GIMPAlt1miniAnd…I did it.  Reworked Kyle and Nick #2 and resubmitted to Amazon.  I didn’t take all the advice I was given on that, but I did make the changes I felt comfortable with.  A new cover (the original bed-lovin’ cover MAY have been a trigger), one modified scene (Nick sleeping when Kyle comes in the bedroom, may have been considered “dubcon”), and a clear expression of the character’s ages.

“Yeah, you’re eighteen years old, Kyle,” his stepdad said.  “You don’t know what you’ll want to be when you’re older.  Nick here went and got a job on an oil rig when he was nineteen, and he’s done with that, aren’t you, son?”

Crafty, right?  🙂  I just had to try.  OMG I’m making so much money on #1.  It’s insane.  As my mother said two years ago when I revealed to her my new, and increasingly lucrative, career:

“Well….there sure are a lot of weirdos out there.”

2 Comments on 7.5k left on Rocky and Dex! And…BookBub GRAND SLAM!

  1. Beth McFarland // January 23, 2015 at 5:43 am // Reply

    You had this weirdo sighing at HEA…I’m so excited for Rocky and Dex!!!

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