BEHOLD! Kyle’s New Stepbrother II: LONG HOT SUMMER is LIVE at Amazon!

Steps2GIMPAlt1miniYES, my fellow Smutketeers.  IT IS possible to get around the Pornpocalypse of Cockblocking!  Now, I can’t say what exactly made this iteration go through when the last one was blocked…because messages from Amazon on this subject are like Prophecies of Nostradamus:  you can pretty much read whatever the fuck you want into them.

Here’s what I changed.

1.  The cover.  No more visible sexin’, or snugglin’ or nekkidness in general.  This is, according to Survey Says, the MOST LIKELY reason iteration 1 didn’t go through. (Sorry to the naysayers who said the most likely reason was that anything with “Stepbrother” would be banned, thank you for playing and we have some lovely parting gifts for you!)

2.  The “sleep sex” scene when Kyle sneaks into Nick’s bedroom and Touches Him Down There.  Instead I actually made a HOTTER scene with Nick… oh go buy it!  It’s only .99!

3.  A clear age description wherein both parties of the first part are legally of legal age.

4.  A change to the product description where I took out the sentence about “rough hot games.”

5.  A submission in the Romance category instead of Erotica.

And now…#3 is all written, so it only remains to let you pervs soak in your own juices for a few days before I put that one out!  (Also, weekends are notoriously bad times to submit smut to Amazon.)

4 Comments on BEHOLD! Kyle’s New Stepbrother II: LONG HOT SUMMER is LIVE at Amazon!

  1. Congrats!! And I just bought my copies of #1 and #2 so I’ll be all set for #3. And still eagerly waiting for Rocky and Dex!

  2. no longer available on amazon ?

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