Slooowing down on Rocky and Dex (on purpose) – cover coming SOON!

Country Music ManYeah, I’m in the big climactic romantic scene.  I’m so agitated right now, in a totally good way, what with all the excitement about Kyle and Nick.  But.  That could and might be spilling over into the Race To The Finish for Rocky and Dex.

This scene of all scenes needs to be P E R F E C T.  So I’m forcing myself NOT to finish it today.  Forcing myself to take it slow.  After all, poor Dex still has his gayginity to lose!  And Rocky has to learn how to receive affection from a partner and not just a hot fuckin’!  I only have TWO SCENES left to write so, there’s no hurry, right?

Especially with Kyle and Nick going BIG TIME in the sales department.  It’s just my nature, to feel under the financial gun with my work, gotta finish gotta finish gotta get it out there every day I wait is another lost $$$… But Kyle and Nick are making bank, and buying time for Rocky and Dex.

Really, my two musicians only HAVE to be published before February 19, when the BookBub goes live for “The Worst Best Luck.”  Now that I’m FINALLY learning how to be a successful salesman, my plan is to embed a big preview of “Have A Little Faith In Me” at the end of WBL – knowing that I’ll get 1000+ downloads of the WBL freebie, what better place to hook ’em on the new book, right?

Oh!  And I’m working on the finishing touches to Kyle and Nick #3 🙂  Going to be SO CAREFUL this time and try not to get cockblocked!

And then there’s the new series, “Would I Lie To You?”  Confession:  I’ve never watched “White Collar.” I know, Matt Bomer = HAWT.  I was worried that my idea was a straight rip from that, but, after consulting the oracle at Wikipedia, I’m okay.  Jesse Dillinger is a sexy former criminal, but there can be more than one of those in the world, right?

See?  SO BUSY!  And then there’s Adam Vance, science fiction author.  Poor guy!  He’s just floating out in space, waiting for rescue.  But it’s just…not his time.  This is Brad’s Golden Hour.  Nothing lasts forever – not the good, not the bad.  I gotta ride this rocket while I can.  And Adam is not a time-sensitive project, but, I’m committed to having “Artifice” done before my vacation in May.

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