A Cover Reveal for Rocky and Dex…and one scene to go…

young man imagine by laying on the sofaI LOVE THIS COVER!  I worked with Aubrey Watt on some ideas, and once I was happy with the general direction, I focus-grouped the last three versions on Facebook for suggestions.  I was overwhelmingly outvoted on which font to use for the word “Faith” and, no dummy I, went with The Voice Of The People.  One reader (Hi, Marco!) suggested reversing Dex to face the opposite direction, sort of looking down at Rocky.  I had Aubrey make that change, and the compositional balance suddenly made more sense.

Aubrey did my cover for “A Little Too Broken,” and I asked her to make something that felt in line with that, using the same font for my name and the title.  If I’m a gonna be a Big Superstar Novelist (I can dream!), I need to do what Big Superstar Novelists to and “true up” my novel covers so they’re all recognizably “Brad Vance” novels.  I don’t know if I can do that for “Apollo’s Curse” – I love the “Greek” lettering, and, you know, it is very much a “non-Brad” novel, in that there’s no sexin’ whatsoever in it.  So maybe that will remain an outlier.  But over the near future, I’m going to have her redo the covers for “Worst Best Luck” and “Given the Circumstances.”

One more scene to go to finish this puppy… How the fuck, may I ask the universe, did my idea for a series of short dirty rock star erotica stories, that I was gonna write to cash in on the “rock star” trend, turn into a fucking novel!  Dammit!  I looked at the file properties on the book to discover that it was “created July 29th, 2014.”  So yeah, six months later, a nearly finished novel instead…

Was it worth it?  Financially, probably not, in the short term (more on that below).  Given how many copies of a stepfucking story I can move?  Given that I’ve made more $$$ on three hours’ work than I have on any number of other novellas and novels?  So looking at it in the short term, no, it’s not at all worth it financially.  Right now, it’s a “gay interest” book that will never ever make you rich.  Idiot!

Was it worth it creatively?  I’m tentatively saying yes.  It’s got to cool, for me to see if the ending’s okay.  The wrapup is short but intense.  I’m not a fan of stringing shit out.  Wordy wordage only dilutes the power of some scenes.

One certain reward comes when I finish a novel that I know is good.  When I write that last scene.  That…we need a German word for it, that “victory/relief orgasm” that comes when you just wrote THE END and it’s true YOU DID IT.  You won the US Open, you won the Gold Medal, it’s over, you did it (at least until the next time, but you have it now, that one perfect moment, where you can REST and ENJOY IT).  I don’t know of anything else in my life that has ever compared to that.

The other intangible reward comes when my fans read my novels.  And let me know how they feel.  The reason I was able to finish “Have a Little Faith In Me” in the dead of winter is because… I discovered how many people have faith in ME.  The hundreds of emails I got about Kyle and Nick II from people who said, “I’m a fan, I’ve read your stuff, I love it, fuck censorship.”  That’s how I found out how big my audience really is.  That normal winter emptiness I have to endure every year just got blown away.  So thank you for that 🙂

I still think a day is coming, within a year, I’d say, when some M/M novel goes supernova.  When the world discovers just how many straight ladies are now reading about gay men.  I don’t know if it’ll be one of my books or not.  Could be some sweet, sentimental romance instead!  The next “Love Story” or “The Notebook.”  (Yuck.  Hope not.)  Or…it could be some insanely hot and sexy/steamy piece of erotic dynamite.  In which case my odds are better 🙂

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