I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille! Spankin’ New Covers for my Novels!

ACNewBaskervilleYeah, I’ve wanted to do this for a while.  All my novels have random different looks/feels to the covers.  And that’s just not how the Big Boys Play.  When I’m the next EL James, I need all my stuff to be recognizable as mine!  My erotica all has the same black banner/white text BRAD VANCE Seal of Approval, so I wanted my novels to have their own unity, too.  I did deviate a bit with “Apollo” because it’s a different kind of novel, and I just had to keep that “Greek blue” color in the author/title.





GTCNewBaskervilleI asked Aubrey Watt to create a cover for “Have A Little Faith In Me” that would sync up with the one she did for “A Little Too Broken.”  And once I had those two, I got a wild hair and just had to fix all the others myself.  They’re not live yet – I’ll be doing a repub on all the novels when Rocky and Dex go live, to include the link to that (and an excerpt of “Faith” in “Worst Best Luck,” to capitalize on the BookBub).






young man imagine by laying on the sofa

I’m about 1/3 of the way through editing “Faith.”  Of course, I’ve been “editing” the early parts for some time now – the only thing I can really call “first draft” is what goes up on the blog each day, hot off the keyboard.  So it’s a much smoother process than it has been before.  Also, I’m not mad-dashing to finish and publish, skimming impatiently to be “done” and publish and make money.  My dirty little stepfuckers are doing a great job picking your pockets right now 🙂 so there’s no rush.





ALTBStickerNow I have to go fix the CreateSpace versions for the paperbacks, but I can put that off for a while.  I don’t sell any paperback copies and it’s a huge pain to submit new covers to CS. (“Your picture is off by one micron, please revise and resubmit your cover art.”)  But of course if I don’t, then of course the Miracle Day will come and people will all end up ordering the “old” versions off of Amazon.






WBLNewBaskervilleAnd I’ve finished my latest “Digital Remastering” of “The Worst Best Luck” in time for the BookBub.  Mostly, taking out head-hopping, with some syntax/flow copyedit-type stuff.  It hurts my head, reading Peter’s story.  So much misery…Let’s never do that again, shall we?

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