“Have a Little Faith in Me” is LIVE on Amazon!

young man imagine by laying on the sofaDamn that was FAST.  Two hours from submission yesterday afternoon to “Live – Updates Publishing.”  And less than four hours before it was fully live, i.e., with buy link and “Look Inside” active.  And, it sold seven copies last night without my even announcing it!  These are the days…

I’m happy with it.  It’s a good novel.  I feel good about its prospects.  See for yourself here!

I sketched this out as a series of hot erotic shorts last summer.  Damn, I said, people are makin’ some BANK on these rock star stories!  The opening scenes – Rocky and Dex clashing onstage, Dex seeing two guys doin’ gax sexin’ in the woods, and Rocky in the motel fighting his attraction to Dex, was what I had written for the story, after which I was supposed to move them towards the DISH conclusion (that’s “doin’ it so hard”) to the first story.

Then two things happened.  One, my furious raging rage at “paper doll” stories took hold of me.  You know, “he’s a rock star, he’s on stage, now that’s all we’ll ever say again about musicianship or the business or anything else about actual life as a rock star, here’s some sex.”  And two, all of a sudden Rocky and Dex’s conflicted attraction suddenly got deep.  I was asking myself WHY is Rocky so over falling for straight guys?  WHY is Dex such a closet case?  Then all of a sudden they had backstories…and that meant a novel.

If there is one thing that’s always held true for me in life, it’s that I’ve never, ever had a “front door success.”  You know, the kind where you walk the orderly path, go to the right school, polish the resume, and walk into your successful career through the front door.  My success has always been “side door success.”  Getting a job as a temp doing word processing, which led to me teaching secretaries how to use the software, which led me to training.  Getting a job doing software testing (god so boring) and losing it when a new company got the contract, only to have the new company interview everyone from the old one and say, oh, you write?  You wanna try tech writing?  Or writing a stepfucking story on a lark, which turned into another stepfucking story, which got banned, and my one indignant post on Facebook about it turned into an intergalactic shitstormitude of publicity.  (Probably because holy rollers are going batshit on Facebook, trying to ban any manbeef photo they find, and FB’ers were already up in arms about censorship in general.)  And now I’ve made almost twice as much this month as I made in my previous best month ever.

So who knows?  The rock star shorts that I intended could have tanked, whereas the rock star novel they turned into could make bank.  I’ve given up predicting the future in this business 🙂


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