THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE BRADISH EMPIRE! I am Amazon’s #1 Gayrotica Author!

It’s fluctuating all over the place, from mid 50s to mid 60s…but in the Kindle Erotica authors rankings, I’m the highest ranked Gayrotica author right now!  And look who I’m just two places behind…


ZOMG!!!!  These ARE the days!  And “Have a Little Faith in Me” is doing pretty damn amazingly good for a two-day-old release w/no pre-release hoopla – no advance orders, no ad campaign, nothin’.  Just TeamVance, hard at work on Facebook!  XOXO!

And, Amazon’s “Look Inside this Book” excerpt is nearly 8,000 words, so I’m totally working that as a promo tool…it’s almost the first five chapters, and if you’re not interested at that point, it ain’t for you, right?

I’ve been “idle” for two days now, creatively – just letting the well refill.  This is the first time in my career that there’s been NO post-pubbin’ depression.  But that’s because, until now, I’ve always published, I sell seven copies the first day, then none the next two, and of course o shit o crap it’s over, just forget it, it’s a failure, move on, it’s doomed, doomed…  Instead, Rocky and Dex are GOING BIG!  Man, you wanna talk about a cycle I’m happy to break…

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