Time to wrap up Nick and Kyle…

Steps4GIMPSAFE…because Every Single Summer Must End.  But, no fool I, Every Successful Series Must Continue, so the ending will provide closure, BUT hold a door open for something else should the little fuckers keep lining my pockets.

Do you like the cover?  Once I found this picture of the same dudes from #s 2 and 3, I just HAD to dream up a scene with a softball game where they’re playing on “different teams” 🙂  There was a lot more white space between them in the original, but I fixed that!

Adam’s day in the sun is approaching… I know there has to be a moment at which I just “declare” a work stoppage for Brad and switch.  I need to tie up Nick and Kyle, so to speak 🙂 and I’m getting ready for the promotional work for “Faith.”  So, I’ll get them done, and I think ONE episode of “Would I Lie To You?” and then Brad will return to issuing 100 word spurts for the duration of Adam’s time on “Artifice.”

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