Uh Oh! Jesse Dillinger has Hacked My Mainframe!

CuraModelCharmer01Dammit all, the iron clad rules of pubbing serial smut DEMAND that I get my ass in gear and crank out Kyle and Nick’s last (for now WINK WINK) adventure, to take advantage of the crazy wave these stories are riding.

But.  Instead, Jesse Dillinger, white hat (usually) hacker and charmer extraordinaire, has taken over my brain.  It’s funny how that works.  I was at the gym this morning, and there was this young dude, totally Mr. Science.  Slightly poofy hair, science beard, science tortoiseshell glasses, totally scientific about his workout with his ledger and shit, and – as incongruously perfect for a smut story as could be – with a smokin’ hot bod, clearly scientifically achieved.

And it hit me.  THAT was Jesse Dillinger, BEFORE prison.  That was him at MIT, that was the look he was going to have in school, in grad school, in his professorship or research job, in his retirement, in his coffin.  He was the guy who drank “Soylent” and thought of eating as an inconvenience, he was the guy who had five pairs of the same pants and shoes…and then he got arrested for trying to make the world a better place, and being in prison changed everything…

I’m thinking (to some degree) about the Aaron Swartz case.  Here was a guy who was trying to make journal articles free – articles we the taxpayer funded in the first place – who was hounded to his suicide by overzealous prosecutors who had little or no understanding of technology in the first place.  Obviously this is popular entertainment so we’re not getting deep/heavy, but there is such a disconnect, so much intellectual distance, between the people at the forefront of technology, and those who make the laws that control it.

So Jesse is ALIVE.  He’s a person.  And I’m burning to make him now.  It’s gonna take some serious ass discipline to get that stepfucking done first.

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