100 Word Spurt! Because…oh because Monday, dammit.

FridayAfterWorkAnd what better time than Monday morning to start dreaming about a hot time on a Friday night?

“Tonight?  I dunno.  It’s Friday, man.  I’m gonna do what I always do, I guess.  Go get a beer after work, maybe get a blow job if I’m lucky.  What about you?  Where am I gonna get a blow job?  Well…  There’s this gay bar a few blocks from here…yeah, you heard me.  You know what the best thing is?  You don’t even have to buy ’em a drink. There’s these glory holes, in the back, you just stick it right through there. Really?  Never?  Shit, man, you should.  Seriously.  These gay dudes will suck the chrome off your bumper.”

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