NOW COME THE DAYS OF THE KING! Big news in the House of Vance!

Pam ArcherSo…I have made, umm… Well.  Let’s presume, as I always do until told otherwise, that the KU borrow rate will be the worst in February that it’s ever been, $1.33.  So that means, that in four days I have made…$3,100.00 on Amazon.  HOLY SHIT SNACKS!

About half of that has come from my little stepfuckers, but the other half has come from “Have A Little Faith In Me.”  It’s been out for seven days.  And it just went straight to the top of two charts.

And, my promotional activity (interviews, blog hops, etc.) has only just begun.  Now, no fool I, I know that this won’t last more than a few weeks.  This is a genre in which the lion’s share of sales come in that “new release” window.  But, the #1 book in that last category got as high as #150-ish in the whole Kindle Store, which I know from BookBub experiences = at least 800 units moved a day, and I’ve been at 350-ish units at best so far.   And I’m not the most mathematically adept person, but this looks to me like a trend line that’s going to continue upward for a while… So, yeah, there is gold in them thar M/M hills… 


I now understand what the term “going viral” means.  The whole stepfucking cockblocking thing has been the greatest thing that ever happened to me… It was just the happy synchrony of having an erotic hit, followed by a ban, followed by a novel release.

Well, “going viral” really isn’t the right context, I think.  Stuff that goes viral comes out of nowhere; it can be some dude making a single cat video, etc.  This has been more like a “Tipping Point,” with 2.5 years of building a fan base, generating tons of quality content, and stubbornly doing my own thing in the creative department, “suddenly” paying off.

I read an interview in Time Out New York yesterday (getting ready for my May vacation, or at least armchair traveling a little early) with Lana Wachowski of the Matrixowskis.  And this hit me like a brick.

How do you explain your huge success? There are lots of kids who grew up with role-playing games, but they didn’t all become massively successful filmmakers.
Lana ‘We went through all of the typical things that people describe when they’re trying to understand how they got in the unbelievably lucky position of getting paid to make things up. You have parents who are supportive, you love reading and writing, you work constantly and you get lucky. For anyone who gets to make a living making art, it’s the greatest gig in the world. It’s like a rainbow has come down on your head. But we worked hard. We laboured long into the night trying to get better and better.’

You work constantly and you get lucky.  Yep, that about sums it up for me, too.

So.  What does this mean for the future of VanceCo Industries?  Well, I’m done dayjobbing very soon.  Am I jumping the gun?  Sure.  If I were that guy, the frugal saver, I’d wait until I have all my bills paid off and a pile of $$ as a fall back, etc.  Man I can’t do it.  I’m chafing at the bit.  Especially when right now a day job is a net loss.  When the time I’m spending at a job is interfering with my ability to make real money, then, you know, it’s time.

And, oh yeah, I have a BookBub coming on February 19th for “The Worst Best Luck,” which will move at least 1,000 freebies, which I’ve loaded with a long preview of “Faith.” And a BB always gives you a jump in backlist sales, thanks to the huge new audience you reach each time, as BB’s mailing list swells.  And BB’s LGBT list is now 2.5x times as large as it was the first time I did one, so my guess would be that I’ll move about 2,000 freebies over 2 days, pumping WBL to the top of the charts.

And, oh yeah, more stepfucking stories coming soon, in a “winter” theme.  And oh yeah, another novel coming soon, see below.  So with all those “ands,” I’m confident that this isn’t a flash in the pan, and that I’ll be riding the top of this cash wave for a while to come.

This will also mean that I’ll be able to give more attention to my other personality, Adam Vance.  “Scarcity” is, astonishingly, actually moving units without me having lifted a finger,  I’ve been so busy being Brad.  And I know this series has huge potential.  The SF market is so much bigger than the M/M market!  And I’m good at it!  And I love writing it!

So the plan is simple and elegant:  when the day job ends, I’m just going to take some of the time I spent on that and convert Adam into my “new day job.”  I already have to switch gears M-F from being sexy, emotional Brad into cerebral, intellectual “day job guy.”  So if that’s already the pattern, and it’s working for me now, why fuck with it?  Having structure in your day is one of the most important things a F/T writer needs.

WouldILieNovelCoverAnd, as you can see from the cover change here from “erotic Brad” to “novel Brad,” I’ve made a strategic change around “Would I Lie To You?”  It’s not a series of erotic shorts anymore.  Nope!  It’s a novel.  I’ve learned in this biz that the secret to success is flexibility, adaptability, how to turn on a motherfucking DIME as needed.  Shorts are nice, but novels are where the $$$ are for me right now, obviously.  I’ll keep writing short-short smut (the stepfuckers’ summer is over, but winter’s just around the corner!), but Jesse and Marc are now novel characters, with backstories and shit.

I’m getting some bad reviews on “Faith” because the lion’s share of the novel, really is backstory.  Backstory is what makes a Brad Vance novel a Brad Vance Novel, but…I hear you.  You want more romantic development in the here and now, after the backstory is laid out.  Like I did in Given the Circumstances, and A Little Too Broken.  Jesse and Marc’s histories will come early on, but there will be plenty of action after that – basically, all the action I had planned for three serial episodes.  Corporate espionage, corporate sabotage, a developing attraction they have to fight to keep “business and pleasure” separate… I think this one will make EVERYONE happy 🙂

In fact… I’m just about to post the opening scene, to give you a taste of what’s coming.  I’m writing SO FAST right now, and once the job is “out of the way,” well shit, in the words of Homer Simpson, I’ve just doubled my productivity!

xo Brad – thank you for making this happen!

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