“Would I Lie To You” just got 79.48% SEXIER! And a cover reveal for guess who…

WouldILieNovelCoverYou know, it’s funny.  Making the decision to go full time with my writing has already started to change my whole way of thinking.  The sense of freedom, the possibilities, are opening up my creativity, too.

Why, only yesterday I said “in a short story the MCs have to be doin’ hot sexin’ by the end of 12k words.  Whereas in a novel, you want (well, I do) a slow build before they CLASH LIKE TITANS IN THE NIGHT.”

But then I thought…why?  Why can’t I write a novel CHOCK FULL of HOT SEXIN’ right from the start?  What are the Sam and Derek stories, or the Luke and Slader stories, but extended plots wrapped around tons of hot sexin’?  What if I could have the best of both worlds?  To have all the good novel parts (backstory, vivid characters, dealin’ with the feels) and all the erotica parts (action, adventure, buckets of sexin’)?  How incredibly successful could a novel like that be, if it combined the “Two Faces Of Brad”?

So that’s the plan 🙂  The hot sexin’ that I’d stripped out of the first 12k when I converted it to a novel?  It’s right back in again.  Oh my God if this book doesn’t finally take me to #1 on every chart, I’ll eat a boot 😉  And yes, I’ll be carefully measuring the backstory so it doesn’t overweight the book.  In the case of Rocky and Dex, it just happened that way – they both had “double backstories” – one, their childhoods/adolescences, and two, their early careers…actually you could say Rocky had triple backstory, when you add in his college years.

“Would I Lie” will have backstory for Marc that may have some weight – it needs to focus on his teenage years for several reasons, and then he’s got to have a bad relationship/betrayal that makes him gunshy about future relationships.  Jesse’s backstory has weight too, because it has to be about his college years and, most importantly, his time in prison and how it changes him.  Backstory is “my thing.”  It’s not a product of Bradelay Industries without it.

BUT.  There will definitely be a lot more relationship development/action after that.  I’m learning!

Steps5Ohh…and as Steve Jobs used to say…one more thing…

Every summer must end, but every success must continue, which means, based on the sales #s on the stories so far…MORE STEPFUCKING!  I just got the Rick Steves and DK guides to Switzerland, so be ready for Alpine skiing, a rest cabin on a long run, a roaring fire, schnapps, a bearskin rug, a little bear grease…

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