Nick and Kyle are in Switzerland! Episode V is COMING SOON!

Steps5Yep!  $tepfucker$ keep on keepin’ on.  I hear there’s even an industrial combine of writers forming to crank out a pile of hetstep stories.  Go for it, man!  Make hay, make hay!  Maybe $tepfucker$ will be like billionaires – one of those “trends” that never seems to die.  One of my personal erotica heroes, Virginia Wade, wrote SIXTEEN stories in her wildly best-selling “Cum for Bigfoot” series.  Could this be my never ending bonanza: “Cum for Stepfoot?”

Damn it all, I can’t even write a stepfucking story without ending up doing research.  Well, that’s what I get for sending them abroad, right?  How much time does Kyle have to give Nick a blow job in the Marzilibahn funicular?  One minute! (It’s closed for the winter for repairs in the real world, but not in my world.) What resorts in Gstaad feature the best warming huts on the long runs, where Nick and Kyle can get “stranded,” or do I need to pick a different location?  What are the best gay bars in Bern, which luxury hotel is Nick blowing a wad of cash on for their first night together in four months…

And then the question is, where should they go next?  I’ve already done some Berlin research for Adam’s book.  And since I’m hoping to fund my own European vacation, I’m reading a book called “Berlin Now” (good but awfully heavy on stuff about architecture).  So, yeah, might as well send them there next!

OH WAIT.  They DEFINITELY have to end up in Amsterdam, right?  Will Amazon have a cow if they indulge in a trip to a “coffee bar”?

As long as you keep buying ’em, I’ll keep writing ’em.  “Keep stepfuckin’, baby, I got to keep stepfuckin’, got to get to your good lovin’…”

WouldILieNovelCoverAs for Marc and Jesse?  Well, they are developing.  It was time to STOP and write more outline.  I burned my fingers writing the scene I wrote the other day, it was so hot.  And now the challenging challenge is how to keep their heat at a simmer…knowing when to raise the flame when the time is right…and then when to put it on that special setting on my gas range…POWER BOIL!

I had a slow time writing a “techie” scene that follows what you read the other day.  The problem isn’t that I don’t know computers, it’s that I do – so I need to make sure it’s not totally gobbledygook to the lay audience.  Nothing worse than those action-stopping “Gee Mr. Wizard” scenes where The Professor fills us all in on the science behind the book’s premise.

The other edge of that knife is that I need to create some solidly exciting hacker derring-do, but it can’t be anything technically stupid.  You know, like those old “CSI” episodes where they write a program in Visual Basic to enhance the security footage and sharpen it 1000%.  Yeah.  That shit.

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