It’s LIVE! Kyle and Nick’s “Winter Wonderland”! And another hot short series…?

Whoo!  The boys are off to Switzerland.  How much fun can you have in a funicular that takes all of one minute to run from station to station?  Find out here:

Yeah, after this, they’re totally off to Amsterdam.  I’ve got plans for a little role play scene in the Red Light District…

Oh, don’t worry.  I haven’t forgotten Jesse and Marc.  But right now I’m focused on getting more titles out, and getting my unit #s up up up for February.  You see…I may end up being a MOTHERFUCKING KINDLE ALL STAR!!!  That’s right – me, in the top 100 Kindle Unlimited authors for February! Which means a BIG ASS BONUS!  Seriously – I’m in the running.  I have this from someone who knows very well what it takes to get there, as he’s always there himself.  So my whole “strategery” for the rest of February is to get as many units moving as I can to make that happen.  Jesse and Marc, being a novel that could suck up production time now, will have to wait till March.

ChristopherBlue1It’s funny how ideas develop.  Yesterday on FB I made a joke, that if 50 Shades started as Twilight fanfic, I want to write 50 Shades fanfic where Christian (Jamie Dornan, really) gets submitted by another dom and made to DO THINGS.  Next thing I knew, as the comments flowed back and forth between me and my fans… I had a story idea.  Could this be the start of ANOTHER series?  Could be!

I know, that gives me two different billionaires gettin’ their asses beat!  But Marc is a born sub, he fuckin’ loves that shit.  “Christopher” is going to need to be taught to submit!

2 Comments on It’s LIVE! Kyle and Nick’s “Winter Wonderland”! And another hot short series…?

  1. Just finished reading “Stepbrothers V”. Absolutely loved it. You are without a doubt the ONLY Author on Amazon to consistently put out quality product. Another thing that I appreciate in your writing skills – NO GRAMMAR and/or SPELLING errors. Haven’t come across any so far. =^..^=

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