“Training Christopher Blue” is LIVE! It’s time this country saw a billionaire ON HIS KNEES!

And here he is!

Christopher Blue is in trouble. His submissive Tatiana has broken their contract, his multibillion dollar corporation is in jeopardy, and to add insult to injury, he can’t even get an almond milk latte because he fired his assistant.

So who is this mysterious man, then, waiting for him in his office, offering his services as his new assistant? Skyler Larkin says he’s made a study of Christopher and his empire…but does he know about Christopher’s secret sex life, his dark, dominant desires?

He does. In fact, he may know much more about Christopher than Christopher knows about himself.

Skyler pondered the items on the desk. He’d already been fired once, his face said – so why not speak his mind again? “You’ve never felt this yourself. Never felt a boot on your ass, a clamp on your tits.”
“No, of course not.”

“Then…” Skyler looked his boss in the eye. Christopher knew it was plain, what he saw there. The desire. The fear. The acknowledgement of the truth Skyler was about to utter. “How can you know what you’re making others experience, if you’ve never experienced it yourself?”

“I can see it in their eyes.”

“No,” Skyler said firmly. “What you see in their eyes is fear and greed. Not excitement. Not the pleasure of submission to a master. A power that you’ve bought, not a power that you’ve earned.”

Christopher stood up quickly. “I’ve earned my power in this world. I’ve built this company from…nothing. An idea in a basement. My subs submit to me, because of who and what I am.”

“There’s mastering, Mr. Blue…and there’s sadism. To make someone live on oranges for a week? No doctor would recommend that. The acid in that much OJ would eat your teeth. You have a responsibility to your subs, to protect them from true harm.”

Christopher snorted. “What do you know about that?”

“What do you think?”

Christopher looked at Skyler with fresh eyes. The cold, powerful face, the relentless gaze. He could see Skyler…no, Mr. Larkin, in full leather, ready to rock and roll. What he saw when he looked at Skyler…made him angry, weak, excited.

Angry because he knew that this was the kind of dom he should aspire to be. The kind who was so strong that he could even make a man like Christopher feel…beta.

For the first time in his life, he truly felt like he was in the presence of someone more powerful than he was.



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