HOME RUN! “Worst Best Luck” BookBub Smashes Records!

Well, I don’t know what the official record would be, but…here’s what the BookBub site offers as statistics for LGBT books.  The high end of the download range for freebies is 5,800.






Well, here’s my results!


YEAH! WHOO!  7,838 copies!!!!  Smashie smashie!  I had 1,000 the day before that I’m not counting in there, from putting it up free a day early.  But BookBub is responsible for the lion’s share of these freebies on the 19th/20th.

In addition, my simultaneous 3-novel .99 cent sale, still going on, is pushing those titles up the bestseller lists.  Not sure if the 10k excerpt of “Have a Little Faith in Me” at the end of the freebie is helping sales of that, but the ranking did rise a bit on that one.

The sale has helped the ranking really go up on all three sale novels, but especially “Given the Circumstances.”  It’s a vagary of Facebook that if you post something with three links in it, it’s always going to “picture link” the first one.  So maybe that’s why GTC has gone up more than the others, because it’s the one that people land on first if they click through the Facebook post on the sale.  It was as high as 1600 last night before dipping this a.m. to the 2000 range.  So yeah…definitely still on my way to being a KINDLE ALL STAR this month!  WHOO!





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