Kyle and Nick are in AMSTERDAM! And some numbers I *think* make sense…

Steps6My little stepfuckers have made it to Amsterdam 🙂  #6 in the series as they galivant across Europe, for as long as you all fund their travels!  I can see another four stories before it’s time to wrap it up with a HEA.

Doing the math, I think the series is still going strong.  It’s tough to say because each one “debuts” with less sales/borrows than the last, but, averaged out over time, #1 – #5 all average out to around 20 borrows/10 sales a day.

The borrows are the only ones seen here as that’s where the money is at 1.33+, vs. .35 for the sales @.99.

I super suck at math, but this looks to me like maybe I should keep on keepin’ on?

(cramming words in here to make WordPress behave and push the table below the picture…)

Kyle’s New Stepbrother          511   929   1/8        19/day average
Kyle’s New Stepbrother II:    323   739   1/23      21/day average
Kyle’s New Stepbrother III:  328   640   1/26      20/day average
Kyle’s New Stepbrother IV:   295   565   2/3        24/day average
Kyle’s New Stepbrother V:     131   293   2/14      23/day average
Kyle’s New Stepbrother VI:        1     12   2/26

I’m still adjusting to the “clockless” life of a writer, but in a good way.  The days have been full, and I’ve been able to get some “Adam Vance” work in as well as my new day job as Brad 🙂  I need to start thinking in terms of what I’m going to do for the next month instead of the next day.  I was just careening from one day to the next, never knowing what my stress/energy levels will be, a lot of which was based on how the job made me feel on any given day – was it a day with interesting work, or was it a dreary assembly line day?  Not being able to forecast my internal weather, thanks to that outside force, kept me from making a long term plan that required calm, focus and energy.  Well, that’s over!

4 Comments on Kyle and Nick are in AMSTERDAM! And some numbers I *think* make sense…

  1. Will this series be released as a compilation like the Sam/Derek and Luke/Slader books?

    • Yes JC, it will 🙂 I’ll probably take a break after #7, and plan on bundling 1-7 by the end of March 🙂 Then there may be three more “summer stories” when the boys reunite after Kyle’s spring semester…we’ll see!

      • Oh cool, I’ll get the bundle when it comes out :D. Recently bought and finished Sam & Derek’s story from Amazon and then found Luke & Slader’s story on ARe. A lot harsher and more raw than what I usually read, but I couldn’t put them down till the end, so afterwards, ended up buying Apollo’s Curse, The Worst Best Luck, Given the Circumstances, A Little Too Broken, and 7 Hits.

      • WOW thanks! for that you get a freebie 🙂

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