100% of “A Little Too Broken” February Buxx to Veterans’ Charities!

ALTBStickerI’ve had the mostest epicest February in the history of everything ever… All Hail Lord Bezos and Kindle Unlimited!  I’ve long ago broken the #’s required to be a Kindle All Star… the only question now is will I be in the top 100 or the top 50 in the Kindle Unlimited program for this month… Amazing, right?

So, this month, instead of the usual 50%, I’m donating 100% of gross royalties and borrowbux from “A Little Too Broken” to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and Puppies Behind Bars.

That’s about $400 for February…Hooray for $mut! Hooray for $tepfucker$ and Chri$topher Blue!

I gotta say, I was thinking about doing this, but then I had a fire lit under my ass by a bad review of “Christopher Blue.”  Someone basically attacked not the story so much as they attacked me, saying, “o how terrible that Brad Vance has left the ivory tower of fine novel writing to crassly capitalize on the quick knockoff smut trend…”

Well, if I had tenure or a grant or a giant publisher’s advance or a movie sale or whatever, then I could afford to sit in my ivory tower and write nothing but novels.  But this is my JOB now.  This is a BUSINESS.  I am a commercial artist, and I’d be a damn fool not to capitalize on something like this, especially when I can do it very, very well.  And it’s not like I’m writing Gay Dinosaurs or Forced by a Unicorn or Screwing My Toaster or whatever.

It’s this income that makes it possible for me to donate 100% of the ALTB royalties this month.  It’s this income that makes it possible for me to quit my job.  So yeah, it always feels good to be able to donate this money ($3,200+ and counting now, including the February “grant money”), but it feels even better to say to hell with the critics, see what I can do with this money.  I know, I know, authors are supposed to pretend that the arrows of criticism don’t exist, don’t feed the trolls, the customer is always right (“Thanks so much for your shitty review!  I really appreciate your taking the time to trash my book!”).  Easier said than done 🙂


4 Comments on 100% of “A Little Too Broken” February Buxx to Veterans’ Charities!

  1. Screw the review. I always wonder if I would have the self-control to simply ignore reviews.

    • Thanks for your support 🙂 I can ignore bad reviews of the book, but this was a bad review of Me, personally… So yeah it pissed me off LOL.

  2. I wonder what the reviewer does to earn his bill money. Bet it’s not anything lofty.

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