February 2015

“Have a Little Faith in Me” is NUMBER ONE in Gay Fiction AND Gay Romance!

February 3, 2015 // 0 Comments

Okay, #2 in Kindle gay fiction…how it gets to #1 in “books” without a paper version I don’t know. (I haven’t made a CreateSpace version because, honestly, I don’t sell any paperbacks at all.) And #414!  I’ve never been that high in the Kindle charts without a BookBub…Oh, yeah!  And…I HAVE ANOTHER BOOKBUB coming on February 19th, for “The Worst Best Luck,” which I just digitally remastered for head hopping, run-on sentences, etc.  I am pretty sure BookBubs are a “critical mass” thing – the more of them you have, the more you can get, if they’re successful.  I broke their estimated ceiling on downloads/buys a couple of times, so I imagine that makes it easier each time I submit to get another one – success breeding success and all that. AND…Kyle and Nick #4 was submitted to the ‘zon last night!  Still in review, of course!  Every Summer Must End… Okay, off to start [MORE]

100 Word Spurt! Because…oh because Monday, dammit.

February 2, 2015 // 0 Comments

And what better time than Monday morning to start dreaming about a hot time on a Friday night? “Tonight?  I dunno.  It’s Friday, man.  I’m gonna do what I always do, I guess.  Go get a beer after work, maybe get a blow job if I’m lucky.  What about you?  Where am I gonna get a blow job?  Well…  There’s this gay bar a few blocks from here…yeah, you heard me.  You know what the best thing is?  You don’t even have to buy ’em a drink. There’s these glory holes, in the back, you just stick it right through there. Really?  Never?  Shit, man, you should.  Seriously.  These gay dudes will suck the chrome off your [MORE]

2700 words on Kyle and Nick IV: SWEET SUMMER GONE! And, cracked the “1,000 Ceiling”!

February 2, 2015 // 0 Comments

Oh yes, I know you all wish the Nick and Kyle stories were longer…well…I have ONE SCENE written and I’m already at 2700 words, so yeah 🙂  Also?  That’s all HOT SEXIN’.  So get your ass ready!  Hot times ahead! And, “Have a Little Faith in Me” has done something I’ve never accomplished before without a BookBub – cracked that “glass ceiling” into the top 1000 books on Amazon! (WARNING BORING NUMBERS) I’m currently ranked at 742, #2 in Gay Romance and #3 in Gay Fiction.  But there’s a long way to go to #1.  The current #1 in both of those charts is store-ranked at 161.  And I know from my .99 BookBubs that it takes about 800 units moved a day between sales and borrows to get to around 200 in the store rank.  I moved about 150 so far this month, so yeah, a ways to go… But who knows, [MORE]

Results are (*almost) in – $340 to Veterans’ Charities from “A Little Too Broken” in January!

February 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

That’s for 100% of January sales and borrows on “A Little Too Broken.”  (Back to the normal 50% in February.) The asterisk is because I’m assuming, as I always do, that Amazon will pay the lowest KU borrow rate ever, $1.33 – then I’m never disappointed on the 15th when the # comes out 🙂  So, based on that, with sales and borrows the amount will be $320 – but, should Lord Bountifulzos give us a better rate, it could be upwards of $340. But these charities can’t wait for the little man in a green eyeshade in the bowels of Amazon to tabulate all those paper receipts over the next two weeks!  So fuck it – I’ll send $340 out tomorrow a.m., split 50/50 between Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and Puppies Behind Bars, and if in the end I’m out $20, o boo [MORE]

Uh Oh! Jesse Dillinger has Hacked My Mainframe!

February 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

Dammit all, the iron clad rules of pubbing serial smut DEMAND that I get my ass in gear and crank out Kyle and Nick’s last (for now WINK WINK) adventure, to take advantage of the crazy wave these stories are riding. But.  Instead, Jesse Dillinger, white hat (usually) hacker and charmer extraordinaire, has taken over my brain.  It’s funny how that works.  I was at the gym this morning, and there was this young dude, totally Mr. Science.  Slightly poofy hair, science beard, science tortoiseshell glasses, totally scientific about his workout with his ledger and shit, and – as incongruously perfect for a smut story as could be – with a smokin’ hot bod, clearly scientifically achieved. And it hit me.  THAT was Jesse Dillinger, BEFORE prison.  That was him at MIT, that was the look he was going to have in school, in grad school, in his professorship or research job, in his retirement, in his coffin.  He was the guy who drank “Soylent” and [MORE]