$400 this a.m. to IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars!

ALTBStickerDone, and done.  That’s $3,250 to charity so far from “A Little Too Broken.”

I’m STILL adjusting to the New World Order.  I’ve been feeling like I need to publish more and more shorts, to keep my income up at the crazy level it was last month, or at least half of it.  But I’m burned on them.  I’m going to get Nick and Kyle to Berlin sometime this month, and then give them a long break :).  Christopher Blue has a plot bunny, inspired by a recent “Facebook road rage” incident I had, no less!  But he’s not ready to go yet.

I really want to focus on “Would I Lie to You?” and Adam Vance’s next installment, “Artifice.”  I have the time, the energy, I just don’t have the focus because I’m worried about keeping my income up.  Taking a long block of time and making it Novel Writing Time is a form of “radio silence” as far as publishing goes, which always dents the income.  But, if I don’t do it, then I lose long term because a hit novel is the megabucks maker.  Fuck!

Won’t my Miracle Day please come soon, when Neil Patrick Harris decides he needs to star as Dane Gale in the movie version of “Apollo’s Curse,” or Ellen DeGeneres does a segment on how much the ladies love their M/M romance, or something?  So I can RELAX and stop worrying about scrabbling for a nickel?

3 Comments on $400 this a.m. to IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars!

  1. MM romance used to exist only in fanfiction, then fantasy/scifi — I started with Anne Rice,Mercedes Lackey, Lynn Flewelling, Elizabeth Mayne, Storm Constantine, Poppy Z. Brite Those were great, but never actually focused on the romance between the characters. There weren’t any actual MM romance novels, and most books that had LGBT characters were depressing. Now there are all kinds of MM romance, and Amazon even puts them in my ‘recommended for you’ page along with traditional MF romances, so who knows?

    I finished all the Kyle/Nick stories and enjoyed them all. Thanks again for sending them. :). I just bought all 4 of the Viking series because I realize I’ve read an MF Viking romance or two before, but never an MM one. Since you seem to have this uncanny ability to make me enjoy things I normally wouldn’t (or haven’t with a different author), thought I’d make this the first. I’ll be starting the longer books over the weekend. (My TBR pile is glaring at me)

    • Making you enjoy things you normally wouldn’t…now that’s a compliment :). Enjoy the Vikings!

    • JC – For years Mercedes Lackey was my favorite author. I’ve lost a little track of her due to struggling with continuing to collect hard copy books or switching to buying for my Kindle. Silly I know. One of my favorite love scenes that I read ever was the first time between Vanyel and Tylendel. Finding her for me proved it was ok to judge a book by its cover.

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