2 Comments on My latest “Diary of a Smutketeer” is LIVE at Sinfully Sexy!

  1. Loved this quote from your diary entry:

    “Honestly, a lot of it is elitist and classist. Writers who get MFAs and grants and writer’s residences and tenure can afford to write slowly. Their living isn’t dependent on the amount of their productivity. The sort of writing that makes money is the sort of writing that, you know, those uneducated masses want. The literary elite are like gentleman farmers, and their “lovely sentences” are their crop, which they can fiddle and faddle with as much as they like, because they never have to bring them to market. Those of us who write commercial fiction are “tradesmen,” low and vulgar and soiled by our filthy commercial peddling of “mere plot.” A gentleman does not engage in “trade”!”

    Let’s not forget that Shakespeare also wrote for the masses!

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