“Would I Lie to You” is FULLY OUTLINED! And…this is a SERIES now!

LieCover 2

(Thanks to Louis Harris for fixin’ the background photo for me!)

Yeah, I needed the rest I took.  And once I was rested, the outline wurdz just flowed yesterday.  I’m already at 17,000 words, plus another 5k of outline now, so I’ll totally have this one pubbed before my mid-May vacation.  Whoo!

Oh, and that problem I’ve had, never writing novels that can turn into a series?  SOLVED.  Remember Ryan the escort, who appears in the first pages of the novel (if you recall the excerpt; here’s the link) as he uses and abuses Marc?  Yeah, he’s totally developing into a secondary who can carry his own book.  And Jesse and Marc?  Well, let’s just say they have a HEA/HFN that works for me, and them…and leads to another story, although I have only the faintest clue how that will play out.  But I always think of something!

I was gonna call the series “Men of Manhattan,” but that’s taken.  So I’m probably going to go with the Pet Shop Boys song and call them “New York City Boys.”

I’m sleeping much better, calming down, and starting to enjoy life, and the time and energy I have now.  Of course, I’m still adjusting…it’s seven a.m. here now, so of course some part of me is thinking, o shit you woke up an “hour late” thanks to DST, and you spent your writing time on Facebook, now it’s too late, too late… No, it’s not.  I have all day (well, all morning, I’m shit for brains creatively in the afternoon).

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