Price droppin’! Now $2.99 for my backlist novels AND “Sam and Derek”!

ACNewBaskervilleThe “L” in backlist stands for Value 🙂  I’m not able to drop prices on “Worst Best Luck” and “Have a Little Faith in Me” right now, because Amazon won’t let me, because of the promos I’ve run for them recently.

March is kinda shitty sales-wise, but compared to February, what wouldn’t be?  So I’m dropping prices to increase volume:

Given the Circumstances!

A Little Too Broken!

Apollo’s Curse!

Sam and Derek: The Whole Story!

So…shop till you drop!

2 Comments on Price droppin’! Now $2.99 for my backlist novels AND “Sam and Derek”!

  1. Ah, the seasonality of books strikes again. In my case, I buy a bunch of them during the holidays and then have enough for the rest of the year. I have your entire backlist and going through them. Finished all the shorts and currently 22% into Have A Little Faith In Me which I’m enjoying so far. I loved the sing-off with the revised lyrics :). I might have to get Tutti Frutti from iTunes just because it’s now stuck in my head (dammit).

    I read the Christopher Blue story, too, and thought it was interesting. I like it when power dynamics are flipped. So I’d definitely get the next one in that series if you decide to continue.

    • Thanks! I’m not feeling Christopher yet… he’s tied up in the dungeon until and if I get around to him, the poor bastard :). Working on the new novel and thinking about the next Nick and Kyle adventure now…

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