30k words into “Would I Lie to You”! And puttin’ the brakes on backstory…

LieCover 2Yeah, I managed to minimize Marc’s backstory to 9k words.  And I plan to doing the same with Jesse, after a bridge scene.  So that’ll take us to about 45k, which leaves at least another 35k in “modern times.”  I don’t want to get hit with that “it’s not a romance because it’s all flashback” thing in my reviews this time.  No childhood scenes this time!  Which is okay; they’re not really necessary for these two guys.

Are we past the amount of wordage that shows up in the Facebook preview window?  We are?  Good.  Now I can vent!  Maybe I’m never going to make it to #1 on all the gayrom lists, because my idea of a romance is more than just “they meet hot on page one and spend three hundred pages angsting and fighting their attraction.”  Of course there’s angst, or there wouldn’t be a conflict, but shit!  Too often romance novels feel like the same scene over and over again, like watching “Scandal,” which I stopped watching because:

Olivia and the President fuck.

Olivia and the President fight.

Olivia and the President have a bitter forever goodbye.

Olivia gets late night phone calls from the President.

They fuck.

They fight.

Bitter forever goodbye.

Late night phone calls.





Ay caramba!  Enough already!  So yeah, Marc and Jesse certainly have their angst and trust issues and work-inappropriate attraction, but it’s not the whole core of the novel.

I don’t understand people who DON’T WANT character development, who find backstory BORING, who actually WANT the MCs of every book to be a bunch of Flat Stanleys, nothing but interchangeable paper dollies.  If you don’t know who a character really is, how he became that person you see now, why would you give a shit if he suffers or not?  Why would you care if he gets a HEA?

Anyway 🙂  Sales are nothing this month like they were last month, and I’m crossing my fingers for a Happy Day on the 15th when February’s borrow rate and Kindle All Star emails come out.  I’m certainly not doing terrible this month, but it’s definitely a “publish or perish” business, and without a new title in (gasp!) weeks, I’m sinking a bit.

That’s okay.  I’m in “novel writing mode” right now, so the shorts are on hold.  When Nick and Kyle are ready for another adventure, they’ll let me know.  I am definitely not killing the goose who laid the golden egg by putting out a $tepfucker$ story that’s subpar.

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