FaceBLOCK Update…interesting response but, yeah, the process is still Fucked Up…

So I posted on the FB forum yesterday to ask how a fully clothed puppet got reported for “nudity,” and this was the helpful response.

“Sometimes people report photo albums or individual photos for nudity in spite because they know Facebook automatically takes photos that are reported for nudity down pending their review. If upon completing their review Facebook finds that your album does not contain any nudity, Facebook will make the photos visible again after their review is completed. Thus, you have nothing to worry about if in fact your album does not contain any photo that violates Facebook’s SRR and TOS.”

OK.  But that begs the question.  Why is Facebook SO TERRIFIED OF A NAKED PERSON that they lock your account, and make your friends think you’ve been deleted, until you log in and confirm that you haven’t posted a picture of a naked body?  Why is nudity SO HORRIFYING that any random person’s accusation is sufficient grounds to shoot first and ask questions later?  I mean, we’re not talking kiddie porn, or animal abuse, or beheadings here.  We’re talking about a cock or an ass or a tittie.  Which is clearly just as bad…or worse, who knows?

It will baffle historians years from now, this cognitive dissonance.  How is it that two big-dick-swinging billionaires will wage ruthless, merciless battle, with everything to lose, over which one of them gets a single nickel…but both of them will run screaming, like cartoon elephants at the sight of a mouse, if one crackpot in Alabama gets upset about a picture of a pee-pee?

1 Comment on FaceBLOCK Update…interesting response but, yeah, the process is still Fucked Up…

  1. Maybe they’re afraid of a Charlie Hebdo-ish attack if offending photos aren’t blocked with all manner of haste? These big corporations live in fear of the easily offended crackpots out there 😦
    Hope you get control of your account back.

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