WHOO! FULL RECOVERY from the Allerpocalypse!

LieCover 2Man I was dead for a week from allergies.  Last year I endured a bunch of bullshit from doctor and insurance about “Oh well we want to try you on Flonase then Nasacort and only then give you a Kenalog shot,” so that by the time all that other shit had failed, and I could have maybe gotten an appointment for a few weeks later to get a shot, allergy season was over.  I DID NOT FUCK AROUND this year.  Two days into my severe sneezures I went into Urgent Care and got the Kenalog.

Money is power.  I don’t have to fall to my knees and beg my insurance company or anyone else for what I want, or need, medically.   Urgent Care says, oh we don’t take Anthem anymore, so if you want to be covered you’ll have to drag your sick and sorry ass to another UC that does. I DON’T CARE I’LL PAY FOR IT GIVE ME A SHOT.  Thanks to all of you who’ve bought my books and given me HCFU (Health Care Fuck You) money!

So yeah, not very productive this last week while the shot gets to work and my brain defogs.  But this morning I did a whole bunch of outline on “Would I Lie to You” that solved a lot of Problems In The Novel.  This one will just FLOW now, so mid May is (barring any more disasters like severe allergies) very likely as a release date for this one.  Minimized backstory 🙂 and lots of action post backstory!

I really should slow down the pub process on this one, just a little.  Try and get ARCs out and do the “prerelease orders” thing, so that on pub day, it’s not just sitting there with no sales and no reviews…   We’ll see.  I get so impatient – when the book is done, I’m done, let’s publish!

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