Halfway through Nick and Kyle 7 – THE END OF THE LINE!

Steps7Yep.  Finishing it tomorrow.  This is the HEA, folks.  I always swore I would stop a series at its natural conclusion.  The worst thing a writer can do is kill the goose that lays the golden eggs by phoning in another in a series, and another, and another, long past the time there’s any story left to tell.  I love Nick and Kyle, but, it’s time, for them and for me.  The money is still fantastic, but…it’s time.  I have a novel to finish, of course, and in the realm of short erotica, Mike the Cop beckons with his nightstick…oh, didn’t I tell you about that?

Well.  I don’t know if you remember that story, “Good Cop Bad Boy,” now only available in the “Seven Hits” anthology.  It was my very first erotica story.  Officer Mike is, well, he’s HAWT.  Funny enough, my first story was my last story from the POV of the Top – it’s been the view from the Bottom ever since.  So this will be interesting, to do the view from above 🙂 Kind of nice to have a change of pace for once…

I really like him.  He’s a good dude.  Especially nowadays when all we seem to hear about are “bad cops.”  And he’s been bothering me lately, wanting another story, or a different story.  I was angsting over what to do with him since the first story kinda wraps up his “Journey Into Gayness” pretty neatly.  I could have started over with a new character, but…in the end who else would that good dude be, but Mike the Cop with a different name?  Or I could have used the existing story as a prelude to something else, just accepted where it led and move on from there.  And of course I’m always worried someone will complain because they spent .99 on the original story and now they’re paying for it “again.”  (I really need to give less of a shit about that kind of bad review.)

Finally I decided to go all JJ Abrams on its ass and “reboot.”  So, that story exists, out there.  But.  This imagines a whole different path for Mike, one that doesn’t lead to Kenny’s back 40, literally and figuratively.  It’s still erotic (o yeah), still very much about his conflicting feelings about mansexin’, but Reboot is such a magical word – it lets you just say “fuck it” to whatever’s been done before and start over.  Just an author note at the front, that it’s the same story, but different, so you can demand your refund from Amazon right away if you want it 🙂

I don’t know the details yet.  The “bad cop” from the original story will be a problem here of course, and I’m thinking a sexy young public defender as a love interest… We’ll see!

5 Comments on Halfway through Nick and Kyle 7 – THE END OF THE LINE!

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO you can’t end this series !!!!

  2. The dearie made me think of Mr. Gold. We seem to like similar TV so I took a shot.

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