COME AND GET IT! The LAST EPISODE of “Kyle’s New Stepbrother” is LIVE!

WHOO!  I’m glad I waited to do this one.  This is the end, beautiful friend.  It’s time for their HEA, and time for me to move on.  Mike the Hot Cop is tapping his foot, waiting for the sexy bits of my brain space to clear after Nick and Kyle’s HAWT farewell.  I can only hope I can get a cop and a (TBD) to sell as well as a pair of stepbrothers…ahahaha!  You only get one golden egg, I suppose.  All the same, it’s time.

Oh!  And, I’m 52,000 words into “Would I Lie to You?”  And.  Umm.  Yeah.  There’s a lot of backstory 🙂  BUT!  There’s also a lot more story to come after the backstory.  In this book…and the next.  Yeah.  Shit don’t resolve all tidy and shit at the end of this one.  I’ll have to put giant warnings in the blurb and at the front of the book, I guess, so that nobody’s pissed when they get to the end and there’s no HEA.

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