54500 on “Would I Lie to You?” and…a COP NOVEL coming after that!

LieCover 2Yep!  This one is steaming along.  Definitely a series.  There’s no HEA at the end of this one, but there is a satisfying and realistic conclusion to this phase of Marc and Jesse’s story, I’ll just put it that way.  And Ryan the Escort is totally getting his own book, maybe a novella, we’ll see, but that counts as part of a series, right, if it’s in the same character universe?  “Lie” will definitely be on the shelves before my mid-May vacation.  Then a break for something else while I figure out what happens to them next…

And as I thought about what that something else would be, well, it happened again.  Same damn thing that happened to Rocky and Dex.  I thought I could write a hot cop short series.  First I was gonna repurpose Office Mike from “Good Cop Bad Boy.”  Then I realized, you know what?  I’m angsting too much about the members of that dark secret society, the enemy of writers everywhere, the Order Of The One Star Review and what they’d say about me reusing a story/character.  So I said, fuck it, I’ll start over.

Officer Mike 5And so, meet…Officer Joe.  Who’s also a good dude.  But has a very different set of issues and life events than Mike.  (And YES, he’s also the dude who “plays” Dex on the cover of “Faith”!  My new muse I suppose…)  And next thing I knew, I had him living in a small funky Northern California town, populated half by artists and rich folk and then, well, there’s the meth heads in the woods and other assorted criminal elements to keep him on his toes…  And he goes into San Francisco to get laid, because how else could he, right, and there he meets a guy, with whom he really connects, but there are barriers on both sides of course, and then it gets complicated and then…fuck!  Another novel!  Which requires at least enough research, as always for me, on what being a real cop is like, so that he’s not a paper dollie…God Damn It!  Why can’t I find some characters who just want to FUCK?

I’ll tell you, something is changing in the way I write romances, so fair warning… I’ve realized that maybe sometimes I dash to the ending because I feel obligated to put ’em together in a house and maybe married and wrap it all up with a bow.  But…that’s not how it works in real life.  And…it’s not what I want for myself.  Honestly?  I could not have a man around the house all the time, getting underfoot and interfering with my schedule and getting on my nerves.  My HEA is a boyfriend, intimacy sure, but…SPACE, TIME for ourselves.  Someone who also wants his time alone, and plenty of it.  And I feel like I need to write some romances now that reflect what I want for once.

I know, I know, the majority of readers want the Pringle not the Kettle Chip, the same chip every time, same shape same flavor.  But I think we all know I’m never going there.  And if I were to write Pringles, same thing over and over, shit, I might as well have a day job again, I’d be so miserable.  So…we’ll just see how that goes over!

I am a happy camper.  I’ve lost 12.5 pounds since my last day of work in late February.  And that’s without starving myself, or chaining myself to a treadmill, just…counting calories, walking, working out, cooking for myself now that I have the time and energy, somedays just RESTING AS NEEDED, eating what I want some days…and just being so much more active than you can be when you’re chained to a desk 5x a week.  That leaves 32 pounds to go to my ideal weight (not saying what that is!).  Said “ideal weight” isn’t my previous goal of Thin Perfection, but rather the index weight I’ve hit before when I was happy and healthy and, not coincidentally, didn’t have a job :).  This is a motherfucking GOLDEN AGE for me, as long as I can keep the smutbux rolling in.


10 Comments on 54500 on “Would I Lie to You?” and…a COP NOVEL coming after that!

  1. Thats great news ! Cannot wait for the cop story. Congrats on the fitness goals!

  2. Smutbux *giggle* That might be my new favorite word 🙂 Congrats on how well everything seems to be falling into place for you, fitness and career-wise. The new stories sound awesome. I’m all excited to read them!

  3. Andrea Taylor // April 11, 2015 at 3:08 pm // Reply

    Count me among those who prefer Kettle chips to Pringles.

  4. The rant at the end made me LOL. These blog posts sometimes make me want to pay you just because they entertain me more than some of the things I’ve read and actually paid for (does buying 2 copies of Have. A Little Faith count?). The way you described your HEA is similar to mine. I get exhausted around people and need lots of alone time to recharge.
    I happen to prefer Kettle Chips to Pringles, so bring it on. The Officer Joe thing sounds interesting.

    • Thank You 🙂 yeah exhausted is the perfect word for it. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one, maybe a new kind of HEA won’t be such a disaster after all!

      • I think you just have to market it the right way or be explicit in the blurb or use the right tags if you’re going to deviate from the typical range tropes. I read a recent blog entry in Dear Author about how one star reviews are typically given by people who got something they weren’t expecting rather than the actual quality of the story. People looking for pure smut won’t want lots of backstory, people looking for romance will want an HEA ending, readers of Gothic romances don’t want smut… That kind of thing. Some m/m publishers (Riptide) even go as far as having filters on their site to classify books based on what kind of ending the story has (happily ever after, happy for now, etc).

      • Thanks, yeah, I’m definitely going to put a disclaimer on the product page and at the front of the book. Better safe than sorry 🙂

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