So close I can TASTE IT! ONE MORE SCENE to write in “Would I Lie to You?”

LieCover 2There seems to be some kind of magical automated clicker in my head that makes every one of my novels come out around 70k words.  No matter what.  Go figure!  Well, this one should make (most) everyone happy.  There’s a HFN, because this story needs another book  – “instaHEA” is just as bad as “instalove.”  And these guys still have…issues to resolve, in a good way 🙂

So yeah.  One more scene, the big finish, the HAWT SEXIN’ to go out with a bang.  May take me two days to do that.  We’ll see.  It’s definitely a different vibe in this book.  You’ll see!  I’m really happy with it.  I don’t think I’ll ever write another novel as good as “Apollo’s Curse,” to be honest, but I know that was an outlier, a one-off, a departure.  As far as your non-outlying romance novels go, I think this one really delivers.  There’s backstory, yep, but it’s not the majority of the show.  Jesse’s backstory got a little long, but, shit, there was a lot to it and it all set up the rest of the novel….and the next.

So the stage is set for two more books in this world.  Ryan the Escort became a full-fledged character in this book – originally he was just Marc’s physical outlet, but he became more as the story developed.  So much more that he can carry his own novel.

And of course, Marc and Jesse have another book to finish their story.  Lots of loose ends that, rather than tying up with a hasty bow, I’m leaving hanging loose into the next book.   I know, I know, there are only two types of bad reviews I can pick from.

  1. Ending feels rushed.  One star.
  2. Where’s the HEA?  This isn’t a standalone story.  One star.

What you gonna do?

So I’m totally breaking the law by not dashing straight into book two.  These Things Take Time.  My subconscious needs to process everything I’ve been setting up so far, needs to cook it at low heat until the timer dings and the right plot pops out.  It’s not an Easy-Bake Oven, alas.

Young sexy policemanAnd Officer Joe has taken quite the shine to me.  He and Greg are so helpful, they keep having conversations when I’m in the middle of things, so that I have to drop what I’m doing and rush to the computer to write them down.  Which is good.  This one is developing well, and I think I’ll be ready to start outlining it as soon as Marc and Jesse are in the can, so to speak.

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