“Would I Lie to You?” coming SOON to an Amazon shelf near you!

LieCover 2And by soon I mean, a week or so!  Yeah, I’m way ahead of schedule on this.  I’ve been pumping out 2000-2500 words a day, seven days a week.  Amazing how much you can accomplish without a day job to get in the way.  My stepfuckers makin’ bacon are still bringing home the bacon, but the big buxx come from novels now.  “Have a Little Faith in Me,” despite my no longer promoting it, still hovers around the 6,000 ranking on Amazon.  Not bad!

And I know this one will do even better financially.  Yeah, Jesse’s backstory got away from me, BUT this time it wasn’t just psychological development, it was plot development.  All the shit that happens in both Marc and Jesse’s backstories is relevant to what happens next.  There’s more excitement in this one than in any novel I’ve done – not, you know, “Sam and Derek” level Argosy-magazine action and killin’ and fightin’ and shit.  But definitely excitement…

I really want that triple crown!  I want to be #1 in Gay Romance, Gay Fiction and, um, like Rick Perry, I forget the third.  O right, it’s weird, there’s these three:




Another of the Mysteries of Amazon as to why an Ebook can chart in both books/gay-lesbian/fiction/fiction/gay (go figure out why that five-level category exists at all) and Kindle/books/gay-lesbian/fiction/gay (or that one either, what the fuck else is there in the Kindle Store besides Kindle eBooks?).  Regardless, I want to rule them all!  When I was #2 in category 3, I was ranked at 400, but #1 was ranked at around 200, so that’s a giant leap in terms of units moved.

And, I found out how much higher the bar has moved for becoming an All-Star:  I now someone who moved TWELVE THOUSAND UNITS and still didn’t get into the top 100.  Just a month ago (February), 15.2k was the bar for the top 50.  So, there’s explosive growth in borrows, which is good, but not good if you’ve got your eye on that bonus.

So, until David Sedaris writes his hilarious piece in the New Yorker on how he’s cheating on his husband with Brad Vance’s novels, and/or The New York Review of Books does a long and generally disdainful piece on contemporary romance, but, also declares “Apollo’s Curse” the greatest novel in the history of everything ever (which it is!), I can forget about being an All-Star again.

Smiling policeman shot in studioAnyway!  Onward and Upward with the Arts!  I’ve been simply EXPLOSIVE in terms of plotting and characterization for Officer Joe’s novel, the next novel in line.  It’s totally coming together on its own, like a gift from the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  As always, I’m reading up on Criminal Justice and Policing (even rented a Policing textbook), and it’s interesting just seeing how many studies there have been on cops and copping.  There are four types of cops, (Enforcers, Idealists, Realists, Optimists), two types of corrupt cops (“Grass eaters,” the donut takers and ticket fixers and beneficiaries of other petty abuses, and “Meat eaters,” whose whole day on the job is dedicated to self-enrichment), and so on.

I love this part of writing a novel the best, I gotta say.  Doing the research sparks off ideas for characters, plot situations, leads me down the rabbit hole to other sources and topics.  This whole book is just plotting itself right now, which is really amazing, because usually I have to put a lot of energy into concocting the ending.  Not this time!

And I have to say.  I really like the idea of a good cop.  A moral man who always does the right thing, a guy who’s taken what he learned in the Army in Iraq about counterinsurgency and is applying it to drug lord turf wars…but who gets in trouble because, well, a lot of people now think most if not all cops are bad cops.  So there’s a presumption of guilt, anywhere there’s not film to exonerate.  So I guess I just gave away a key plot point 🙂  No matter, because that’s the Crisis/Pinch that will be the hook in the blurb anyway…

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