IT’S DONE! “Would I Lie To You?” draft complete!

LieCover 2Whoo!  Man, do I ever need a new novel out soon, too.  Sales are kaput!  Thank the FSM I had such a magnificent February and am now reaping the benefits.  Hell, Amazon loves their All Stars so much I got my February bonus a week earlier than they pay the regular royalties!  WHOO MAKE IT RAIN!

I’ll need a serious breakthrough hit to ever get another bonus, though, the way the number of total program borrows has exploded in the last two months. (In February, my 14.8k units was just shy of the Top 50, but for March, I’m told that 12k units was no longer enough to even crack the top 100.)

Anyway 🙂  A few days of cooling off, then edits, then…LIVE in less than a week!  I’m very happy with it, but not as exhilarated as I’ve been at the end of some novels.  But then, this hasn’t been the emotional obstacle course that some of the others have been, with their traumatic childhoods and religious claptrap and abusive boyfriends.  This is a straight ahead action/romance.  So it hasn’t left me emotionally exhausted, yay!

Officer Joe is busting at the gate to get written!  He’s up next while my subconscious figures out WTF Jesse and Marc will do in the next installment…YES there is a conclusive finale to this book, but it opens the gate to the next one, like a good series should.

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