Finishing “Mad Men” and thinking about writing for “TV”

So I binged all of “Mad Men” in about two weeks.  I’d never seen it because I worked in an office and did NOT want to come home and turn on the TV and watch people working in an office.  Now that I’m free, it’s different!  The first three seasons, it was good, but nothing to worship.  Then season four…holy shit!  This is great!  Suddenly it was funnier, faster, more involving.

Watching so much of it in quantity over a short time, you can’t help but pick up the rhythm of the scenes, the episodes, at least subconsciously.  I started to ask myself, how do they do that?  How do you write scenes for a TV drama?

What I saw was that there’s a particular place in each scene that you just…leave off, when two or more characters have said or done the essentials.  Sure, they’re still there after that, but you don’t need to show it.  It’s not like a play where you have to choreograph entrances and exits.  Sometimes you end a scene with an exit and a slammed door, but you could also just end with a reaction shot, that says what you want to say in that scene.  It’s the way you can just leave off that’s so interesting, that’s the best way I can put it, after the awkward moment at the dinner table or the casual insult, where “the event” isn’t over but the relevant part is.

I started thinking to myself…maybe I could do this, you know, write a TV show.  In the title I put “TV” in quotes because I’m not talking about network TV.  Man, you could beat your head against that wall forever trying to break in.  And…why should you?  I don’t need a publisher if I can self-publish.  I don’t need a network to put a show on YouTube or Vimeo or Whatever.  Hell, I can just write the script and pub it and see who picks it up to film.

I know.  It’s like someone who says, “I can act, I’ve seen a movie!”  I’m not saying I’ll be GREAT at it.  I’m saying I could turn my hand to it.  I already write to the Seven Point Story Structure, which is more appropriate to movies, but hell, I’m smart 🙂 A few good books and I could get started.  It would be nice to do something different for a change, if (and only if) I get enough financial stability from novels that I can allocate some of my creative energy to it.

2 Comments on Finishing “Mad Men” and thinking about writing for “TV”

  1. HERE TV has some pretty good tv shows like “From here on out’ and the “spy from dubis.”
    Breaking Glass Pictures and Rock Candy Films great movie makers. Your books could easily be picked up by any of them.

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