It’s DONE! “Would I Lie to You?” on sale soon…

LieCover 2I finished the edits this a.m.  Funny, when I finished writing it, I was…unmoved.  No tears, no relief, like I usually feel.  But this a.m., when I’d gone through the whole story, felt the flow, saw how fucking perfect it was for what it is?  I cried.  “Apollo’s Curse” will always be my best novel, its layers and hidden meanings and resonance just can’t be beat.  But “Lie,” for what it is, romance qua romance?  Fuck.  Yeah.

I got it right this time.  It’s fucking CLOCKWORK it’s so good.  If this doesn’t get me my triple #1, I give up.

I’ve got to format it all into chapters, etc. tomorrow.  Then it’s off to press… No rest for the wicked of course, it’s on to “Officer Joe” asap after that.  In “The Right Stuff,” the astronauts threaten the scientists’ funding in their quest for a window in the space capsule, by saying “No bucks, no Buck Rogers.”

The life of the writer is the inverse of the astronaut’s: “No Buck Rogers, no bucks.”  Scribble, Scribble, Mr. Vance…

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