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LieCover 2I know, I know…but the post title is what gets tweeted etc.  So I need to make sure I’m logging as much flogging as I can, with a new title out.  Did I mention I have a new book out?


(That keeps WordPress from hogging my page with a giant Amazon link, esp. since I dont’ get paid for the referral.)

I’m having a better time this round with the “post-pubbing depression” phase.  It’s always a series of death agonies when your book has been out for TWO DAYS and you’re not #1 yet, because obviously it never will be, and nobody’s gonna read it because successful authors all have 50 5 star reviews on release day, and so, it was all for nothing, I might as well quit :).  (I actually did see an author on Facebook who announced his retirement, since some publisher rejected his latest works…I thought, what’s wrong with you!  Just self publish, dummy!  You’re better off anyway!)

But unlike when I was a wee slip of a smutketeer with no backlist and no fans and no reputation, this time I’ve got a better start out the gate.  I’m still not doing all the shit I’m supposed to be doing (sitting on the finished product while I disti ARCs, do the preorder thing, etc.), but I am on the road to doing some of it.  My buddy Evan J. Xavier is now in the webpage biz, and he’s working on my Real, Legit Website which will even incorporate Mailchimp and a newsletter and all that good stuff…  Honestly, it’s amazing that I’ve been as successful as I am without all that.  So…imagine what might come next…

“Have a Little Faith in Me” garnered 60+ reviews in just a few months, whereas it took a year or more for my other novels to get that many.  So, I’m movin’ on up.

And now the question is, what next?  Officer Joe has dominated my creative consciousness for a few weeks now, and I’ve started my research for his story.  But.  This time around with “Lie” I finally gave the people what they want, i.e., a series.  And the problem with that is, if they love the first one, they’re immediately hungry for MORE.  So, financially ideally, if “Lie” really flies, I should drop everything to write the next one.

But.  I don’t want to just crank something out to have it out.  That’s why I waited on the last stepfucker story until I knew it would be good, and decided #7 was it, end of the line.  My subconscious needs TIME to get the story for #2.  There are a lot of unanswered questions I left open at the end of #1, and I don’t have the answers, either.

Sexy smug guyThe only thing that’s come to me so far is around this picture, one of the Complete Jesse Collection that I downloaded from the stock photo site.  Somehow or another, in #2, we’ll be seeing “Professor Jesse.”  After all, he did announce in #1 that he was the new Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime…

I can’t believe how quickly #1 happened – I checked the file properties, and discovered that the manuscript was created on March 10…and I finished on April 22!  HOLY SHIT I WROTE A NOVEL IN SIX WEEKS.  Well, I had 17k of outline by March 10, but still.  Wow!  Amazing what you can accomplish without a day job dragging you down.  And, I’ve lost sixteen pounds since I quit my job!  Life is great!  Everyone should quit their job! 🙂

So, for now, I think I’m going to run on three tracks – Officer Joe ideas, “Lie #2” ideas, and “Ryan the Escort” ideas.  I’m pretty firm on Joe being next in line, but you know how shit changes around here.  Everything took a back seat to stepfuckers for a while there, when that was red hot.  But, again, Good Wine Takes Time, so I want Lie 2 to ferment as long as it needs to.  And shit, if I’m still writing as fast as I am now?  I can put Joe out, and then Lie 2, both before the end of the summer…

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