Waiting for “Lie” to pop or flop before moving on to…

Before moving onto whatever book comes next. Good morning sexyOfficer Joe is in research mode but, Ryan the Escort has suddenly decided to start telling me his story. Trick is, I have to dovetail that book’s plot with both the ending of “Lie” AND events in “Lie 2,” so I have to outline TWO books at once to keep them all synced up… Not sure how Lie 2 will fit/fold in to Ryan’s book, or vice versa, but it’ll come to me, it always does 🙂

Dammit, I went looking for Ryan the Escort pictures on the stock sites and what happens? I find MORE JESSE. So of course I spent $$ on pix I may never use on covers, but…I just hadda have. OF COURSE he’s a Francesco Cura model, right? If not my muse on the cover, then his muse… I’ll definitely use the “wide screen” ones as banner fodder, of course.


Handsome man outdoorsSo this a.m, Ryan’s story started writing itself.  I have quite a lot of high level outline, to my surprise.  I don’t have the details of the Villain or the Love Interest yet, but I’ve got the bones of the story.  I knew Ryan’s story would have to be first person, and all of a sudden, this a.m. the intro just popped out.

That’s not a sure sign that this is the next book in the queue, again, it’s day 4 post-pub and I am getting THAT feeling again, o I’m not #1 yet, it’s not moving, it won’t sell, it’s all for nothing, this series failed, why do I bother…

Successful young manAnd here’s one more Jesse pic 🙂 One that’s ACTUALLY GOING TO BE APPLICABLE to the plot at some point!





That said, here’s Ryan’s intro as it popped into being this morning…


No kid ever said, “When I grow up, I want to be an escort.” It’s not the kind of job you plan for. It’s almost always a job that you walk into sideways. You meet a guy in a bar, who’s nice enough but not your type, and he suddenly offers you a nice chunk of money to suck your dick. Maybe you’re in college and you’re broke, or maybe you just like the idea of being desired that much. And it’s not a bad experience, and the money’s good, and he feels good and so do you, and you start to think…hmm…

Or you have a buddy who already escorts, and he invites you along on a date to be his “non-pro bud.” His client wants a “straight dude,” which requires some role play on your part. You have to talk about your girlfriend who’s out of town, or your wife who left you for the plumber, or whatever. And you find that, like someone who tries out on a lark for a role in a play, that you enjoy it and you’re good at it. You find that you get off on it.

There are requirements for doing it well. You can’t run on “drug dealer/drag queen” time. Promptness is not only courteous, but essential when dealing with successful men on busy schedules. Which of course is the goal – you want to build a select clientele of repeat customers, and not be literally and figuratively “hustling” for money come rent time.

Some guys need drugs to do the job, to feel sexual enough to fuck guys they wouldn’t fuck otherwise. It’s easy to get into that, in this city. There are a lot of escorts who would be out of business if they didn’t also supply drugs to their clients – clients who’d just call someone else who did. I like a clear head, I like to be in control – maybe that’s my addiction.
And of course, you have to like sex. A lot. And you have to get hard on command, no matter what. And, most importantly…

Well, this will sound strange, coming from me, I know, one of the most successful dominant tops in New York City. But most importantly, you have to be kind. You have to have compassion for the man who comes to you. You have to accept that he has his reasons for wanting to be tied up, slapped around, forced to take a giant cock down his throat and up his ass. You have treat him like nothing but a cum dumpster and call him “faggot,” if that gets him off.
But, before, and after, you have to remember he’s a person, working out his issues or filling a need, and treat him that way. Unless he specifically tells you to do otherwise. But even then, inside, you have to remember he’s more than what he tells you he is.

My name is Ryan Masters (I know, too appropriate). I use “Ryan Wilde” with clients. I don’t advertise or Rentboy or Rentmen, because I don’t have to. I never did. Which is lucky, because it would have been easy enough for the wrong person to see my picture on the Internet, tell my family, ruin everything. Everything nearly got ruined anyway, but…let’s keep this story in chronological order, shall we?

I could have chosen, maybe should have chosen, a fake first name too, but… Ryan Masters and Ryan Wilde are both me, and when someone calls my name on the street, it’s not important if it’s a client or a friend, they’re both calling me. Sure, the clients see a different side of me than my friends do, but they’re two sides of one person.

I think a lot about the man I thought I’d grow up to be, and the man I became. And I’m not ashamed, not unhappy, that this turned out to be my career. But like most guys who do this job, this wasn’t the plan…

2 Comments on Waiting for “Lie” to pop or flop before moving on to…

  1. Melody Washington // April 28, 2015 at 12:11 pm // Reply

    Loved “Would I Lie to You”! Can’t wait for Ryan’s story. And your pictures of Jesse – yummy!

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