April 2015

“Please, sir, can I have some more?” KU borrow rate super suckin’ this month!

April 16, 2015 // 4 Comments

Yeah, $1.33 for March, tying for the lowest it’s ever been.  Good thing that, with my history of magical thinking, I always forecast my earnings at the SPR (that’s a very high finance term I just made up, which stands for Shittiest Possible Rate). Here’s a chart someone made up that, like Mr. Peabody, explains it all for you (the colors are a little lurid but I wasn’t gonna retype it): This also explains why I’m not an All Star again for March – just a few months ago, 7,000 units (sales and borrows) was enough to put you in the top 100.  But it looks as if it must take at least 10,000 to do that now, and I was at about 8,000 for March. So, in a nutshell.  In The Beginning, It Was Glorious because the total fund (Amazon’s monthly Pot O’ Gold) was $2 million, split over 1 million-ish borrows, so the payout was $1.81 for each borrow.  MAKE IT RAIN! But.  Since then the fund has gone up (um hold on need calculator) 465%…but the [MORE]

Two weeks (at most) from finishing “Lie”! And, thoughts on “Officer Joe”…

April 14, 2015 // 2 Comments

It’s true!  “Would I Lie To You” will be out by the first week of May at the latest.  I had to “decomplicate” some things and change some of the dynamics.  There was going to be a great betrayal, how can I ever forgive him, etc. but it just wasn’t working.  I know, I know…I should STOP THE ACTION for a hundred pages so the two characters can ANGST for a while.  Look, trust me, there’s angst aplenty in the pages to come, but it’s angst that must be processed during intense action, not woe is me I’m staring into space now angst.  Anyway.  Soon, my pretties, this book shall fly, FLY!  And it’s totally setting up for book two.  Can’t believe I finally managed to start a series… But.  Since I have NO CLUE what happens next with Marc and Jesse, I’m just gonna violate another publishing rule (always publish the next one in a series ASAP) and move over to the story of Officer Joe.  Yeah, that [MORE]

54500 on “Would I Lie to You?” and…a COP NOVEL coming after that!

April 11, 2015 // 10 Comments

Yep!  This one is steaming along.  Definitely a series.  There’s no HEA at the end of this one, but there is a satisfying and realistic conclusion to this phase of Marc and Jesse’s story, I’ll just put it that way.  And Ryan the Escort is totally getting his own book, maybe a novella, we’ll see, but that counts as part of a series, right, if it’s in the same character universe?  “Lie” will definitely be on the shelves before my mid-May vacation.  Then a break for something else while I figure out what happens to them next… And as I thought about what that something else would be, well, it happened again.  Same damn thing that happened to Rocky and Dex.  I thought I could write a hot cop short series.  First I was gonna repurpose Office Mike from “Good Cop Bad Boy.”  Then I realized, you know what?  I’m angsting too much about the members of that dark secret society, the enemy of writers everywhere, the Order [MORE]

Halfway through Nick and Kyle 7 – THE END OF THE LINE!

April 3, 2015 // 5 Comments

Yep.  Finishing it tomorrow.  This is the HEA, folks.  I always swore I would stop a series at its natural conclusion.  The worst thing a writer can do is kill the goose that lays the golden eggs by phoning in another in a series, and another, and another, long past the time there’s any story left to tell.  I love Nick and Kyle, but, it’s time, for them and for me.  The money is still fantastic, but…it’s time.  I have a novel to finish, of course, and in the realm of short erotica, Mike the Cop beckons with his nightstick…oh, didn’t I tell you about that? Well.  I don’t know if you remember that story, “Good Cop Bad Boy,” now only available in the “Seven Hits” anthology.  It was my very first erotica story.  Officer Mike is, well, he’s HAWT.  Funny enough, my first story was my last story from the POV of the Top – it’s been the view from the Bottom ever since.  So this will be [MORE]