The hits keep on comin’! Another LOVED IT review of “Would I Lie to You?”

Nobody doesn’t love this book.  (I know, grammar.  Still.)  I’d given myself indigestion worrying about it, especially after the April sales dip.  Finally I realized, you know, as long as I can make a sustainable living at this, I’m okay.  Ella Frank just published a novel at the same time I did, and with her monster following that she brought over from M/F, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll get my “triple firsts” with this book (i.e., #1 on all the gay lists at the same time).  Oh well!  Shit happens!

I have a half-baked outline for Ryan’s story, the next novel in the queue/series.  I still need a bunch of stuff: the villain, the love interest, the family drama, and the development arc that leads to him being the Ryan we meet in “Lie.”  But, thanks to “Lie” at least I know who he ends up being, so the rest is just reverse engineering.  The Holy, Holy Seven Point Story Matrix says always start with the ending, and since I already have the “end” of the character, at least for this point in the series, I’m ahead of the game.

Ryan2Finding cover art for Ryan is a bitch and a half. I found some pix I like but nothing that screams RYAN.  Well, fingers crossed.  I really do like to have the cover model set before I get too far into a book, it just helps.  I like this one but that damn white background is a PITA.

2 Comments on The hits keep on comin’! Another LOVED IT review of “Would I Lie to You?”

  1. CrabbyPatty // May 20, 2015 at 11:29 am // Reply

    Whew …… I’m about half-way through and just wanted to post how much I frickin’ LOVE this book. I actually started reading it IN CHURCH on Sunday ….. and no, the almighty hand-o-Gawd did not come down from above, so, that was a relief ….

    I’ve been SAVORING it slowly, deliciously – although I generally tend to read a novella or short book a day – and of course, am loving all the glorious backstory. How the heck do you know all this stuff about hacking and cyber crime? And more importantly, explain it in such a way that it just flows into the story, rather than it seeming like a “lecture”?

    • Thank you! I work with computers for a long time and I did a little extra research on top of that. as far as the light touch and not slowing down the narrative with all that, I guess I’ve just read enough books that did it wrong that I swore I would do it right!

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