STILL The EMPEROR of BookBubistan! “Have a Little Faith in Me” ACCEPTED!

young man imagine by laying on the sofaYeah.  Every. Single. One of my novels (“Lie” excluded of course as it’s new) has been accepted as a BookBub deal.  The mark of quality!  When I first did a BookBub for “Given the Circumstances,” one year ago, BB reached 40,000 people on its LGBT list.  It’s now…get ready..147,000+.  I sold a thousand copies of GTC on that BookBub at .99, and it cost me $80 to do it…so I made back my investment, easily.  Now BB has 3.5x as many people on the mailing list, and the price has doubled…so it’s an even better deal now!  It’ll be interesting to see how the math shakes out this time.

Of course, what you’re really paying for with BB is “visibility.”  147,000 people at least see your name and your book’s name (or at least as many of them who open the email).  So you’re getting a quick ride to the top of the bestseller list for one book, but it’s the long term value of name recognition etc. that’s the other benefit.

If what, 2.5% of the people who got the mail bought GTC, that’s a pretty good return based on what I know about direct marketing etc.  I sold 1200 copies on a 60k subscriber list for “A Little Too Broken” = 2%, also not bad, I think.

“Apollo’s Curse” and “Worst Best Luck” were freebies, but they did exceed the BookBub estimates on the high range of expected downloads.  I’m sure BB knows all this, of course – part of why I get selected is because Vancedelay Industries (TM) is the Mark of Quality, but also because success breeds success…the better my titles do on their BookBubs, the better my chances of getting another one, I’m pretty sure.

And I’ve learned two important lessons.  One, put it on sale for three days – one in advance of the BookBub, because there seem to be sites out there that announce price drops and you can get a sales rank bump the “day before.”  That way when people get the BB, your rank isn’t as low as it would be if you waited, so they think they’re looking at a more popular book.

And two, sales off the BB email happen 80% day 1 and 20% day 2, and negligibly after that – so any extra days after day 2 that you keep it on sale, you’re just losing the income from list price that you could be getting from having your book high in the list.

This is great news now.  “Lie” is just kind of…floating around the 1500-2000 mark in the store, not going up, sometimes going down.  I really thought it would pop, and it’s not.  Again, could be timing as it’s up against some big names who released books at the same time. (I know I know, but I’m A, a man and I’m competitive and B, this is my living so I really need it to pop.)  Even if May is not so much, at least now I know that June looks better.

Oh yeah, I wanted to bury the lead so that only patient readers got to know when the deal is 🙂  The BB is June 2 and 3, with the book discounted starting June 1.  So, if you want to buy it before then, and help me out, hey great please thanks…but if not, well, you know when to buy buy buy!

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