Vacation Imminent! Web BLACKOUT! Well, nearly…

The_Go-Go's_-_VacationFor about a week, starting Thursday. Definitely no blogging.  Minimal to no Facebooking.  Not taking the computer, so I can only type on my tablet, which is a bitch, which is good, because then I won’t do it.  I’ve been putting myself in the grave worrying about “Lie” and its sales/rank/ratings.  In the midst of all that angsting, I really just forgot to stop and congratulate myself for writing a hell of a good book.  Yeah, I really do need to get away from this computer.

That said!  I’ve decided on a shorter, less complex story for Ryan as the “interim” story between Lie 1 and 2. (I’m not committing to any length, but I’m sure it’ll cap at 30k MAX, probably less.)  Y’all know that what I write as backstory in a novel could stand as its own story most of the time, and that’s what Ryan’s getting, just about.  Well, plus this love affair that he offhandedly mentions to Marc in Lie.  Then it’s off to Marc and Jesse, round two!  Writing some of the blog post/interviews for the blog tour for Lie has given me some new ideas already for Lie 2, so, I’m not worried now about coming up with a book that’s as good as the first one.

Here’s a little vignette that came to me the other day that I posted on Facebook – if you missed it, here it is.  No idea when or where it will go, it just…happened.

Jesse had promised him a surprise.  Well, “promised” wasn’t the word.  A promise implies it’s something you want.  And Marc hated surprises.

He fidgeted in the helicopter, trying to decipher the nighttime landscape. Once they’d gone beyond the Hudson River it was a foreign country.  Below were just splashes of light he couldn’t decipher, softball fields or shopping mall parking lots.  It was New Jersey, still, maybe, he couldn’t tell.

“You know what’s hard?” he said over the headset to Jesse.  “Not asking questions.”

Jesse nodded.  “I know.  You’re a curious person and your mind comes up with a million of them, and it feels entirely wrong not to ask them.  It’s not that you don’t trust me, it’s that it hurts your brain not to ask those questions.”


Jesse gave him that wicked, knowing smile.  “Well, that’s why I do it.”

“Ah.  So that’s my torture today, is it?”

“That’s it so far, yes.”

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