You know nothing, Brad Snow! Why there won’t be a “Ryan” novel…

Ryan1I know.  You love him.  I love him.  But.  You know me and research.  Realism Is King.  And my recent trip to NYC opened my eyes to something so obvious: I’m too old, too far away, and too out of touch with what it’s like to be young, hot and gay in NYC now that…I have no idea how Ryan lives.  I had my eyes opened to the overall wrongness of a lot of my assumptions, and you all know that the very last thing I will ever do is write a book that’s just “made up shit.”

There are things you can research – what it’s like to be a cowboy, or a programmer, or a football player, but…you can’t just look up The Way Gays Live Now, at least not outside a slice of privileged upper class gayness. The guys you see in the glossy mag articles about gay life in New York, who run around with shirts that say “Truvada Whore,” because they’re taking PREP and are at minimal risk of having unsafe sex? They’re not the majority – they’re the ones with the money to pay for an expensive pill that their insurance is almost certainly not covering for that purpose.  And writing just about rich queens?  Boring, right?  Who cares!

And it’s too bad, but as far as I know, nobody is really writing long form work about what young gay life is like today.  Edmund White and Patti Smith took us back to the 70s and 80s, but who’s going to take us back to today?  Will the historical record be nothing but a compendium of tweets and Instagrams?  Or am I just not finding that long form blogger who’s out there somewhere, documenting this time, that life?

No wonder I was blocked!  Some part of me knew after I got back that I had NO BUSINESS writing that book.  And once I accepted that, I was able to free my mind and move on to Marc and Jesse #2.  Maybe, some time in the future, when I am the New Hugh Howey and I have my own Kindle Worlds section (a man’s gotta have a dream), someone else can write Ryan’s story as fanfic.  Someone who’s lived that life, who can speak in an authentic voice.  But I’m not gonna bullshit my way through some facsimile.  I know who Ryan is, inside, but that’s not enough to create a novel around him.

WouldILie2 NovelCoverAnyway.  I’m trying to get my motor running on “Strength in Numbers.”  Yeah, that’s the title of #2! It’s the Bitcoin motto, or at least, the English translation.  You heard me – Bitcoin.

Did you know that Bitcoins, the digital currency, are stored in a file on your phone/hard drive/USB etc., and if you lose it…you lose all your money? That people threw away hard drives with Bitcoins on them when they were “worthless”? And that those coins are gone, forever, unreclaimable. Unless of course someone finds it…and then the quest is on for your private key/password…

Did you know that the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin may be holding onto a secret stash of them, worth $230,000,000? Can you imagine the havoc it would cause in the Bitcoin market were someone able to get their hands on that stash, and the key to it…? Someone like…Jesse? Someone like…


6 Comments on You know nothing, Brad Snow! Why there won’t be a “Ryan” novel…

  1. Are there young gay authors who can write about their own lives, experiences or views of young gays and publish online?

    I have seen some youtube web dramas that seem to be “young” and created by young people.

    • Yeah I think that’s a good source, I’m just thinking that it’s only us old people who are writing verbal narratives on paper anymore…

  2. Klub Kids by Johnny Williams is the only book I have read to date about being young, gay in NYC. Otherwise, all I know is old farts and old cowboy gays.

  3. you mention Strength in Numbers….do you have a publication date yet? thanks!

    • Not sure now…Lie didn’t sell so well so I’m working on the werewolf book…need to get some$$ coming in…but sometime this summer for sure!

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