Podcastin’! My epic interview with the 3 M/Musketeers is UP!


Why, you can just click and play it, right here!  Listen to me discuss current projects, research methods, my inspirations, Pringle readers v. Kettle Chip readers, Adam Vance and “Scarcity,” favorite writers, Kindle Unlimited, BookBub…shit, lots o’ stuff.

WerewolfTEMPGot a lot of reading to do this coming week for “Werewolves of Brooklyn.” I’m basically doing my research simultaneously with my writing, which is unusual, but I’m on a roll, creatively, and there are definitely patches (like the butchering part) that I can skip over until I have the info.  I have to stop in my tracks, so to speak, this weekend and read my “Yellowstone Wolves” book to get my werewolfies right, but I still have some time to read Luc Sante’s “Low Life,” about all the sin and vice and corruption of late 19th century New York City, before I get to the backstory/origin story part of the book.

Yeah, backstory fuck yeah!  As Kora Knight reminded me, for someone who loves writing backstory, paranormal is a perfect genre, b/c it’s all about the origin stories.  Para readers don’t crush you for writing “too much backstory.”

And since I love history, and New York history, and Gay New York history, well shit I’ve got a gold mine when it comes to any potential sequels to this definitely-not-first-in-a-series book, and the many backstories I can set in different time periods.  The werewolf King’s origin will be in mid/late 19th century NYC, Five Points/Gangs of New York times, so yeah, can’t wait to do that…

It’s looking like it’s going to run like 40k?  Maybe upwards of 50 with the backstory?  The goal is to have it OUT by the end of June, and see if it’ll sell or if I fucked with the tropes too much for the market.  Which, yeah, I am doing…you know me.  Same old werewolves?  Why bother?  🙂

7 Comments on Podcastin’! My epic interview with the 3 M/Musketeers is UP!

  1. Great interview, enjoyed learning more about your views on writing, projects and personality. Also, thanks for making me aware of the podcast I will have to subscribe. Can’t wait to read the Werewolf story ! ps….I LOVE sci fi too !

  2. I was telling Vance B that I have listened to this twice. I am fascinated by “The Amazon” and how it treats writers. Sadly, I’ve concluded for you and other writers that it is a dictator that giveth and taketh away on it’s whims. The way I see it, it is a necessary evil for writing in the LGBT community or in this case the mm genre, to be successful from a monetary stand point. I am sorry that any writer has to put up with their shenanigans.

    Having said this, I will tell you why I buy from Amazon. Convenience is the big factor. I moved from a big city to a “wee village” as my friend refers to it. When I moved here there wasn’t even a Walmart. Before I moved here I used Amazon but not much. Now it is one of my closest friends. I work 50 or more hours a week, so when the closest book store is 40 minutes away, I’d rather sit at home with a beer, fire up the lap top and get my happy fix without living my chair. I do most of my reading now on my tablet and when Amazon says here buddy, “one click and it’s yours” I’m all over that! I use Nook and Kobo, too, but nobody makes it easier than” the “Amazon. Plus if I follow an author, I get updates . “Hey dude, this author has a new book, you want it?” . Oh yesssss, a Pavlovian response, ding, ding, ding. Added to this, I can’t buy from publishers directly, because for some reason, my tablet doesn’t like certain formats. I’ve tried other readers, but I still wind up back with Amazon.

    When I find an author I like/love, I do everything possible to help them make a living, which translates to buying multiple copies of a book and writing a review.

    I only write “I like this” reviews. Why you ask?( or not) Because it brings me no pleasure to skewer a writer. The written word, to me is almost sacred. A writer, even a hack, has spent time creating something. Who am I to trash it? I prefer to not write a review. I let my money speak for me. Besides, I have learned there are plenty out there that get their jollys, trashing authors and their works. I refuse to be a part of that. One last thought. I don’t do freebies. Why? Because I try not to give a way the time I am paid for by my company, why should a writer. If a writer chooses to give away their books for a ” fair and impartial” reviews, then it is their right. But, I challenge that such a thing exists. I think that’s a load of bull, but then that’s just me.

    I hope I didn’t ramble to much. I want to thank you for pursuing your writing career. I have looked long and hard for someone that would challenge my mind, and my emotions. You have done that in spades. I can only take so much mm Harlequin romance, then I have to break out Jim or Jack.

    Thanks for letting me take up space. “Here’s looking at you kid” gulp

    • Yeah, it’s capitalism – any corporation for whom I exchange labor for cash is out to make the exchange to their advantage, so Amazon’s no different. I’m so glad you don’t post negative reviews…I’ve had books nearly killed out the gate by people who, almost on release date, run and post a bad review on Amazon before anyone who will like it has had time to put up a good one.

      • It’s just wrong in my book to post reviews that are full of hate rather than constructive criticism. . That’s why i hate the practice and don’t understand it. Why not a simple,” this book was not for me ” or “it wasn’t what I enjoy” rather than keeping others from trying it out. GR is very bad about that, but I still post there because I’ve been able to get others to give a book a try.

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