May 2015


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BLOG TOUR KICKOFF!  Read the interview at and find out about my most controversial cover, the hardest book I ever wrote, and more! [MORE]

Vacation Imminent! Web BLACKOUT! Well, nearly…

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For about a week, starting Thursday. Definitely no blogging.  Minimal to no Facebooking.  Not taking the computer, so I can only type on my tablet, which is a bitch, which is good, because then I won’t do it.  I’ve been putting myself in the grave worrying about “Lie” and its sales/rank/ratings.  In the midst of all that angsting, I really just forgot to stop and congratulate myself for writing a hell of a good book.  Yeah, I really do need to get away from this computer. That said!  I’ve decided on a shorter, less complex story for Ryan as the “interim” story between Lie 1 and 2. (I’m not committing to any length, but I’m sure it’ll cap at 30k MAX, probably less.)  Y’all know that what I write as backstory in a novel could stand as its own story most of the time, and that’s what Ryan’s getting, just about.  Well, plus this love affair that he offhandedly mentions to Marc in Lie.  Then it’s [MORE]

STILL The EMPEROR of BookBubistan! “Have a Little Faith in Me” ACCEPTED!

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Yeah.  Every. Single. One of my novels (“Lie” excluded of course as it’s new) has been accepted as a BookBub deal.  The mark of quality!  When I first did a BookBub for “Given the Circumstances,” one year ago, BB reached 40,000 people on its LGBT list.  It’s now…get ready..147,000+.  I sold a thousand copies of GTC on that BookBub at .99, and it cost me $80 to do it…so I made back my investment, easily.  Now BB has 3.5x as many people on the mailing list, and the price has doubled…so it’s an even better deal now!  It’ll be interesting to see how the math shakes out this time. Of course, what you’re really paying for with BB is “visibility.”  147,000 people at least see your name and your book’s name (or at least as many of them who open the email).  So you’re getting a quick ride to the top of the bestseller list for one book, but it’s the long term value of name [MORE]

The hits keep on comin’! Another LOVED IT review of “Would I Lie to You?”

May 5, 2015 // 2 Comments Nobody doesn’t love this book.  (I know, grammar.  Still.)  I’d given myself indigestion worrying about it, especially after the April sales dip.  Finally I realized, you know, as long as I can make a sustainable living at this, I’m okay.  Ella Frank just published a novel at the same time I did, and with her monster following that she brought over from M/F, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll get my “triple firsts” with this book (i.e., #1 on all the gay lists at the same time).  Oh well!  Shit happens! I have a half-baked outline for Ryan’s story, the next novel in the queue/series.  I still need a bunch of stuff: the villain, the love interest, the family drama, and the development arc that leads to him being the Ryan we meet in “Lie.”  But, thanks to “Lie” at least I know who he ends up being, so the rest is just reverse [MORE]

And here’s another awesome review of “Lie”!

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Thanks, darling, you’ve made my boys so happy! “AWESOME, NO, EPIC!  I seldom read a book that I really really freak out about, but when I do, boy is it an amazing experience! I love it when a story is wonderful enough to get fully invested in because you know the author won’t let you down on the plot, and this is certainly the case here!” [MORE]