.99 SALE on “Have a Little Faith in Me”! Also, new strategy for the Werewolves…

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The BookBub starts tomorrow, but I put it on sale today to try and “pre-bump” it in the rankings.  Also, never do a Kindle Countdown Deal for a BookBub – I DQ’d myself from the Canada BookBub by doing so, and, my expiration time is messed up – noon Wednesday instead of midnight.  Did I really do that, or did they?  There’s no way for me to look and see, alas…so a desperate appeal has been filed with Amazon.  If they ignore it, well, my BB will have to be a one-day instead of a two-day.  Not happy about that, but, 80% of BB sales are on day 1, so, not the end of the world, just…not good.

I’m amazed that I woke up this morning to this clusterfuck and…just dealt with it.  I took COMPLETE REST yesterday, no writing, no research, no long calorie burning walk, didn’t cook, didn’t even leave the house.  Actually watched a whole SF Giants game instead of just having it in the background while multitasking!  And I feel great today.  Ready to get back into World Conquering Mode.  Really can’t explain why I’m suddenly not all stressed out anymore, I just am.

WerewolfTEMPI had a wordstorm last week, pumping out 12k of “Werewolves of Brooklyn” before I hit a wall, but it was a wall of my own making.  Every time I think I can just pump something out effortlessly for $$$, this happens, I swear.  I made my main character a butcher, so of course I have to do at least some research to make sure I can describe his work day, even if it’s only one page in the final manuscript.  And if I’m saying FUCK IT to all the world’s werewolf tropes and inventing my own, well, I have to at least research actual wolves on which to model my werewolves.  And if I’m giving the Werewolf King a backstory, well, I’ve got to read some New York history for that… So yeah.  I guess I’ll never find a story I can just knock out without thinking and research.  Too bad!  Sure would bring the money in faster!  But so it goes.

For instance, this a.m. I realized I didn’t even know if all the werewolves were gay or what.  Hadn’t even thought about it.  So yeah, I was getting ahead of myself.  That white heat was great, but it’s not sustainable…at least, not if I haven’t laid all the groundwork first.

I should be freaking out!  This was the title that was going to come out ASAP and make me $$$!  I’m doomed without it!  But, strangely enough, I feel pretty calm this a.m., even with the knowledge that this will take longer than expected, and the BB clusterfuck. I should be absolutely nuts right now.  But I’m not.  Go figure…

4 Comments on .99 SALE on “Have a Little Faith in Me”! Also, new strategy for the Werewolves…

  1. …my first posting here, so bear with me. You are working on a werewolves book. Have you set a publication date yet? by the way, i really enjoyed Have a Little Faith in Me!

    • Thank you! I’m guesstimating around the first week in July if possible for that book 🙂

      • SUPER! and by the way, I just finished Sam and Derek. whoa. like. and the sex whoa. (gonna have any further escapes with these characters? or no?)

      • Thanks, I love those guys! No plans to write any more of their stories, but, you never know…

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