I Heart RESEARCH! Here’s my werewolves’ “Wolf Hall”

WolfHallGreyDay“Werewolves of Brooklyn” is gonna be good…not sure if it’ll sell, but it’ll be good.  I stumbled on this old mansion at 670 Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn, and it’s PERFECT for my werewolves’ headquarters, which of course someone has to jokingly call “Wolf Hall.”  It started out as a mansion for a German beer brewer, back when Bushwick was Beer Central – his brewery was a seven minute walk away, so, a nice commute.


CookHomecomingIt was later bought by a con man named Thomas Cook, who falsely claimed to the first man to reach the North Pole, ahead of Robert Peary.  His claim was widely believed at first, as you can see here from the enormous Welcome Home celebration put on for him at his house.

The neighborhood mostly burned in the blackout riots of 1977, but the mansion was spared.  It was boarded up for some time, and then divided up into apartments and surrounded with a tatty-looking chain link fence.  Its next door neighbor, as you can see in the top picture, is that equally stately enterprise, a KFC outlet, and the M train runs noisily above the street on the other side of Myrtle Avenue.


Of course, my preservationist werewolves have spruced the old girl up, restoring the ironwork fence, the period details inside and out.  I’m just making up the inside if I can’t find any more detail about the original interior; the brief for the Landmarks Preservation Commission only deals with the exterior, since “Landmarking prevents owners from making changes to a building’s exterior without LPC approval.”  So the werewolves and I are free to remake the interior as it suits us.

Oh, and my wolf research has dug up some interesting stuff too.  Did you know that wolves and ravens have a symbiotic relationship? Ravens follow wolves, knowing that their kills will provide nice tasty bits of fresh meat, and wolves will follow ravens to the site of carcasses.  Ravens have also been known to mob wounded elk, and wolves hearing their cries sometimes come to finish the job, opening the tough skin up for the ravens to eat, too.  There’s no official research to prove it (unlike wolves, nobody’s tagging ravens) but one Yellowstone veteran speculates that the ravens may even be part of the wolf pack… Now THAT’S a plot bunny for a werewolf story, if I add these intelligent birds to the mix, right?  And as far as I can tell, very few if any writers of werewolf stories have exploited this natural connection.

See? Even when you’re doing paranormal romance, research really does pay off!

2 Comments on I Heart RESEARCH! Here’s my werewolves’ “Wolf Hall”

  1. It all makes perfect sense, Mother Nature is clever like that. If this is anything like your other books, it will be epic. in anticipation hell

    • Thanks! I’m pretty excited about this one…I love writing paranormal but I couldn’t get my “daemons” to sell; hoping werewolves will do the trick 🙂

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