Reeling with joy…TRIPLE #1’s at last!

Yeah.  The BookBub for “Have a Little Faith in Me” was shaping up to be a disappointment, much lower than expected sales.  Then…discouraged but dogged, I checked the rankings one…more…time.

FaithNumberOneJune2nd2015Yep.  Triple.  Number.  Ones.  My dream come true.  Almost three years I’ve been at this, thirty-something titles to my name, and this is the first time I’ve got the triple axelutzencrown.  I got a 1/1/2 for something, but that was still the Silver Medal…this is the Gold.

It’s my personal Grand Slam, my personal best.  It means I don’t suck at this.  It means my dreams of succeeding at this come true, and will again, and again.

Hell, I even made it my desktop background, so that every morning I can see that and remember, that’s right, that happened, to me, and it can happen again.

You get worn out in this business.  You do your best and sit there stunned, wondering why your best wasn’t a success.  You lick your wounds, try and figure it out, sometimes you do and sometimes you can’t.  You get up and do it again, because, especially now with no day job anymore, well, like Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman,” I got nowhere else to go.

THANK YOU to you, the equally dogged fans who read this, who’ve read all my books, who’ve posted reviews, who’ve promoted my books, who’ve always helped me keep my chin up.  XOXOXO BRAD #1 WHOO!

4 Comments on Reeling with joy…TRIPLE #1’s at last!

  1. Congrats! ❤️ And I love that my review is still one of the ones on the main product page. I actually want to re-read Have a Little Faith In Me, but my TBR pile’s getting ridiculous. And one of the ones in the pile is Would I Lie To You which I see jumped approx 15 ranks since I bought it earlier to now.

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